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Towards education

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In cooperation with three universities of applied sciences, the project will develop an operating model to promote access to education for the disadvantaged and thus employment. The operating model will improve the mathematical and natural science skills of the unemployed, those in work, job seekers, immigrant backgrounds and those with poor educational success, thereby improving their chances of graduating on time and/or applying for training.

The project introduces new support measures for learning, makes full use of digital methods and builds high-quality material to support the teaching and study of STEM subjects. The key themes are support for learning and coaching online materials.

The work package creates a broad material bank for teachers to guarantee the quality of teaching and learning. The work package also produces high-quality video/AR material on the importance of STEM expertise. A special emphasis is on reducing the level of competence in mathematics between secondary and tertiary levels of technology, especially through conceptual learning. The good practices created in the work package on different learning methods and approaches are available to everyone and available to teachers to support training.