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Practice makes perfect in mechanical engineering

A practical education that leads to a fulfilling job is the center of focus now in the life of Jori Karjalainen. That is why he decided to make a bold career move and start studying Mechanical Engineering at Oamk.

– I’m going to learn everything possible about automotive engineering and be the best version of myself.

Jori Karjalainen, a Finnish native, has studied physics and business but something still drove him towards machines and mechanics. A year ago he started studying Mechanical Engineering at Oamk while working in business but now he’s a full time student. The plan is to squeeze the four-year education into three years and after that become an automotive engineer.

– At Oamk it is possible to build yourself a unique education with minor and optional subjects. I am focusing on automotive technology, electrical engineering and 3D design.

Finnish education is internationally recognized and brings credibility in the eyes of employers all around the world. This is important for Jori, because his goal is to work in the automotive industry in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Motivation from real-life exploring

Jori’s plan to learn everything possible about automotive engineering is not at all too ambitious, since the education of Mechanical Engineering at Oamk is very practical and hands-on and a great start for a professional career. It came as a surprise for Jori that there’s a lot of actual exploring in real-life environments, such as test and hybrid labs and metal workshops.

– Our teachers want us to go in there and do as much as possible with our hands and try things in practice. You can develop your own projects and showcase your ideas to possible investors and financiers. If your idea hasn’t been invented yet, it may even be applicable to be patented. That you can do already in the first year.

In addition to that, students can create their own projects and work as an intern in actual organizations. Projects and internships are a big part of Oamk’s Mechanical Engineering education. That way, even before you’ve even graduated, you’ll have a lot of work experience. This is highly motivating for Jori.

– If you study the properties of carbon steel, for example, and then go to the workshop and actually test how it behaves when you weld, cut or heat treat it – I think it is essential to see that. Otherwise the knowledge just floats around and you don’t know how to use it. Was that even useful?