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Boost your competence!

Update your knowledge and learn new things! Increase your competitiveness in the labour market and get new energy for your work. Oamk offers a wide range of different courses: take a single course in an Open university or select bigger study modules. You can even study a whole new degree if you like! Oamk Boost offers everything in one place. Check available courses and apply!  

Another possibilities

Master's degree

  • Requires previous degree
  • Duration 1–2,5 years
  • Possibility to study alongside work
  • Mainly online

Professional teacher education

  • A programme for gaining a teacher’s qualification online
  • Requires previous degree and experience
  • Duration 1–3 years

Guidance for immigrants

  • Free personal guidance about higher education in Finland
  • Several courses available
  • Study paths

Study opportunities for Ukrainians

  • Guidance and counseling
  • Free courses at Open University
  • Study paths

Special education for companies and institutions

Education needs arise quickly in working life. We can plan unique education programs tailored to the companies. We are also involved in projects that provide consulting and training for regional companies. In addition, we can offer guidance services for an individual, groups or the whole work community.

For professional educational institutions and universities, we offer guidance, support and continuing education for skill development. We support education organizers in developing the quality of training and finding innovative solutions. Ask more!

Unemployed or close to getting unemployed

There is labour force education organized in collaboration with the TE office, especially for unemployed people or people over the age of 20 who are at risk of unemployment. The goal is to improve the availability of skilled labour and the return of the unemployed to the labour market.

You can apply for training through the TE office.

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Finnish education:

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