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Mies talvivaatteissa ja karvalakissa käsisään sauvat ja sukset. Taustalla lunta ja punaisia mökkejä.

For the student

Do you want to be one step ahead and stand out from the crowd? Join research, development, and innovation activities (RDI) and open the door to an exciting world!

As a student in projects

In projects, you get to build networks already during your studies

In our RDI projects, our experts work together with companies and the workforce to find, experiment with, and develop new products and services or new knowledge. The RDI work in universities of applied sciences is typically applied research or innovation development. Our goal, together with our partners, is to solve future challenges at regional, national, and international levels.

RDI activities offer numerous opportunities to develop your skills in real-world challenges. By participating in RDI work, you get to leverage the latest industry-related knowledge and collaborate multidisciplinarily with various experts. You gain a concrete understanding of the practical development issues currently faced in your field. Involvement in projects not only opens doors to future employment but also strengthens your project skills and allows you to brand your expertise.

Many ways to participate in project work

As a student, you can participate in project work in various ways. Our projects may need interns for short-term field trials or longer internships. RDI activities also provide an excellent opportunity to find inspiration and topics for your thesis.

Internship pays off

We provide compensation for internships to students, either in cash or in credits, depending on the case. Participation in RDI activities adds valuable merit to your CV and sets you apart from competitors in the job market. Additionally, it helps you build important connections in the workforce, which can lead to exciting internship opportunities and future job prospects.

Employment and training positions

Our projects advertise open training positions in the Oamk Pro Tiitus service, where you can find emloyment and training positions for students other than those in the social and healthcare fields. The service is free to use.

Practice positions for students in the social and healthcare sector can be found in the Jobiili service.

Get to know our projects!

You can find all our ongoing projects in our project listing.

Student startups are built in the Business Corner

Student, dreaming of starting a start-up?
Check out Business Corner’s offerings!

Internship at the Centre for Arts Innovation?

The Centre for Arts Innovation annually offers various internships, international mobilities and work placements for Oamk students interested in getting involved in innovative work in the fields of arts and culture, technology and social impact. If you are interested in any of our on-going opportunities, check out the CAI news links for more details.