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Hello Oamk graduate, welcome to join our alumni activities! Our alumni include all those who have graduated from our University of Applied Sciences or School of professional teacher education. We offer you opportunities for continuous learning, and expanding your networks.

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We live in a constantly changing world, which is why we offer you opportunities to update your knowledge and skills based on your life situation. By doing so, you enhance your competitiveness in the job market and find renewed enthusiasm in your work. We provide diverse options to deepen your expertise.


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Alumni are our most important stakeholders, and we warmly welcome everyone to engage in mentoring, guest lecturing, curriculum development, and collaborative research and innovation activities.

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Our alumni program offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your networks and meet professionals from various fields. Join our alumni events and also add your alumni information to our LinkedIn group, “Oamk alumni”.

We will contact our alumni four times a year through newsletters, where we will share updates on current matters and upcoming events. Please update your contact information to ensure you stay informed about messages and events specifically targeted for alumni!

If you would like to organize a meeting with your study group but need assistance in getting in touch, please send us a message at, and we will help you in arranging the meeting.”

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The mentoring program is intended for Oamk students as well as experienced professionals who have been in the workforce for some time!

We are looking for mentors who are alumni, entrepreneurs, and other experienced experts in the workforce to pass on their experiences to the future makers. Mentoring offers an opportunity to strengthen your own guidance skills, reflect on your own expertise and career, and network with the future makers. Along the way, you will undoubtedly learn something new about yourself!

The application period for the mentoring program is open from October 16th to November 17th.

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The Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board, established in spring 2022, has the task of bringing the perspectives of the working life to the development of our operations. The members of the advisory board, who meet twice a year, are alumni from various fields of study, currently serving as leaders or in planning and development roles within their respective organizations.

Members of the Alumni Advisory Board for 2022-2023 are as follows:


Alumni of the Year 2023

Every year, we select the Alumni of the Year who, through their activities, have created a positive image of our university of applied sciences. The Alumni of the Year holds a representative role, and we invite them as an honorary guest to our events for the following year. They can participate in student and alumni recruitment, as well as feature in press articles. The Alumni of the Year serves as the representative of our university.

 The founders of the Finnish clothing brand Nakoa Oy, Annika Sorvari, Noora Turpeinen, and Johanna Sorvari, have been chosen as the Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ Alumni of the Year for 2023.

 All three entrepreneurs graduated from Oamk with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration but specialized in different areas during their studies. Johanna continued her studies in entrepreneurship at Terwa Academy after the first year, while Noora focused on financial management. Both graduated in 2018. Annika, on the other hand, studied personnel management and leadership. She completed her studies through a blended learning program and graduated in 2019. Noora later also completed a Master’s degree in Service Business Development at Oamk.

 “The selection came as a surprise, but it’s absolutely wonderful,” says Annika.

 “It feels really good to receive recognition for the work we have done together to push the fashion industry forward,” adds Noora.



Here are the previous Alumni of the Year:

2021: Ari Ehrola2020: Hannu Laukkanen, Emma Pakanen ja Jenni Santaniemi 2019: Karoliina Korhonen 2018: Kari Kokko 2017: Ville Mankkinen 2016: Liisa Kontturi-Paasikko 2015: Asmo Saloranta 2014: Mikko Sortti 2013: Rita Porkka 2012: Joni Pakanen 2011: Teemu Vähä 2010: Tony Manninen 2009: Sanna Hirvaskari

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