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Open science and research

Open science and research aims, within the boundaries of research ethics and legality, to make research data, methods used in research, and research results available to all interested parties. This is intended to improve the quality, reliability, and visibility of research, as well as promote the societal impact of research and the emergence of new innovations.

Research permits

Permission is required for research involving our students or staff. You can apply for a research permit using an electronic form.

Please allow at least two weeks for processing your application from the time it reaches us. During the Christmas period and in June-July, the processing time may be longer. Contact details for students or staff are not sent as email attachments; instead, requests to participate in surveys are posted on the students’ and/or staff’s intranet.

The responsibility for research permits at Oulu University of Applied Sciences lies with Vice-Rector Jyrki Laitinen. The processing of research permits is coordinated by Sirpa Ahvenlampi.

Research permits are applied for using an electronic research permit form. Remember to confirm the submission of your application by clicking the link provided in the email. Only confirmed applications can proceed to processing. For more information about research permits, please contact:

Good scientific practice and research ethics

At Oulu University of Applied Sciences, we adhere to the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (TENK) regarding good scientific practice, handling of suspicions of misconduct, as well as ethical principles for research involving humans and the ethical pre-evaluation of humanities research. The responsibility for adhering to good scientific practice lies with the entire university community and every individual engaged in research and development work, as well as teaching staff.

Research ethics support services

The research ethics support system was initiated in 2017 at the initiative of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (TENK). The goal of the support system is to enhance the awareness of the internationalizing research community regarding Finnish good scientific practice and to provide low-threshold personal research ethics advice in universities.


Jyrki Laitinen
Vice Rector, Administration
Phone: +358 50 3441733

Päivi Aro
Principal Lecturer, Business and Natural Resources Education
Phone: +358 50 5298364

Reetta Saarnio
Principal Lecturer,
Health Education
Phone: +358 40 1440341

For research permit matters, please contact Jyrki Laitinen. For research ethics issues, contact Päivi Aro and Reetta Saarnio.