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Publishing is a central part of our R&D work and artistic activities. Our projects produce information, operational models, and applied research, making these publicly available through publication. In artistic activities, publications occur both as part of education and as a result of staff members' artistic ambitions. Our experts and students also publish articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts on various timely topics. Through publications, you can familiarize yourself with the expert work carried out in our university community.

Oamk Journal

The Oamk Journal is a web publication series of Oulu University of Applied Sciences aimed at showcasing Oamk’s activities and popularizing research work. It is targeted not only at experts but also at stakeholders within Oamk’s influence area.

Blog posts by our experts are published as blogs in the Oamk Journal. Other types of publications include reports, articles, columns, and compilations.

We mainly publish in Finnish, but publications in English are also available.

The previous research and development publication series, ePooki, ended in 04/2021. It has been replaced by the Oamk Journal. You can still read articles and expert blogs in ePooki. Previously, a publication named Telulainen was published in the former School of Engineering and Natural Resources at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Publication of Telulainen has ended, and from now on, all our experts’ publications can be found in the Oamk Journal. You can read old Telulainen articles through the link below.



Podcasts and blogs

Tune in to the Oamk podcast! In our podcasts, we discuss exciting topics, people, and phenomena. Our students share their experiences of studying in different fields, and you’ll also hear from teachers and other staff members discussing topics such as distance learning or what a double degree entails. They are mainly published in Finnish.

The Oamk blog is primarily intended for publishing texts produced by Oulu University of Applied Sciences students. Blog posts can be written either individually or collaboratively with multiple people. Blogs can be published in both Finnish and English. Self-registration is not available.

Artistic productions

Our artistic activities contribute significantly to our publications, both as part of studies and through the artistic ambitions of our staff.

In the service, you can find all publications from Oamk is a service provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM), which gathers and disseminates information about research conducted in Finland. The service provides information on the Finnish research system, publications from Finnish organizations, projects funded by public and private research funders, researchers and research activities in Finland, as well as statistics on the development of research personnel, funding, and the scientific impact of publications.

All publications produced by Oamk staff are compiled in the service.