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Entrepreneur, leverage the university of applied sciences' R&D activities to support your company's development and growth!

Advantages from R&D work for the company

Benefits of R&D work for the company include:

  1. Expertise and support for business growth, efficiency, and profitability. Our special expertise lies in leveraging digitalization and digital tools for business development.
  2. Expertise and support for service and product development. Our competent staff is highly educated and experienced. Through R&D work, companies can receive professional support for the development of services and products.
  3. Future workforce: Participation in R&D work can provide the company with a route to familiarize itself with its future workforce.
  4. High-quality development platforms and laboratory facilities: Utilize secure laboratories for product development and testing.
  5. Employee training: Strengthen skills and competitiveness.
  6. Project management expertise: Assistance with project preparation and coordination.

We are committed to building a sustainable and long-term partnership that benefits both parties.

What can we as a company gain from R&D work?

Collaboration in RDI projects with a university of applied sciences offers companies a cost-effective opportunity to receive support, for example, in business development, testing, and evaluating products, services, or product ideas. Our research and development work also generates a variety of training and events that your company can utilize for staff training.

We provide access to our high-quality facilities, development platforms, and laboratories, making testing and development cost-effective and secure for your company.

Our students can participate in testing and research as part of their studies. For your company, research and development projects are an excellent way to find future talent for internships, thesis work, and permanent positions.

With our project expertise, your company receives top-notch support in applying for project funding. We always ensure that our project application processes are handled with consideration for data privacy and security. In collaborative projects, mutual benefit is important to us: it is in the interest of society as a whole to ensure that the goals of companies and our research and development work are aligned.

Our goal is to create cost-effective, long-term, and mutually beneficial collaboration.

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Through research, development, and innovation activities, we develop new expertise and business opportunities while generating applied knowledge. Our future experts, our students, are also involved, as Ru0026D activities are an integral part of our education. Explore our project portfolio!