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Research and Development

Alongside teaching, our other primary mission is research, development and innovation work (RDI). Our RDI focus areas are low-carbon initiatives, digital solutions and business development.

We breathe life into the north!

Our RDI work helps the Oulu region and the entirety of northern Finland thrive. Through our research, development, and innovation activities, we refine expertise and innovations that enhance the region’s competitiveness. In recent years, we have focused in particular on areas such as low-carbon work machine technologies (NUVE-Lab), drone technologies, and cultural productions through digital means. Our artistic activities enhance cultural life and bring positive visibility to the entire region. Our RDI work is integrated into education and learning and is conducted in close collaboration with businesses. We are breathing life into the north, which produces ripple effects at international level too.

The strengths of our RDI activities lie in innovation, state-of-the-art laboratories, development and research environments, high-level expertise, and extensive collaboration networks.


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Through our focus areas, we are contributing to solving global challenges and building a sustainable society

Our focus areas are digital solutions, low-carbon Initiatives, and business development. Find out more about our focus areas!

Our projects cover a wide range of themes

Through research, development, and innovation activities, we are developing new expertise and business opportunities while generating applied knowledge. Our future experts – our students – are also involved, as RDI activities are an integral part of the education we provide. Find out more about our project portfolio!

We influence society through activities such as publishing

Experts and students from universities of applied sciences influence society substantially through their publications. Through these publications, they share the latest research findings, innovations, and expertise from various fields. Publications serve as a window into the institutions’ mission of research, development, and expert work, providing information and insights that can advance societal development and address current challenges. Additionally, publications can inspire dialogue and collaboration among different stakeholders, promoting the exchange of knowledge and the achievement of common goals.