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Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Product Development 

Sustainability is a megatrend that will even increase its importance during the next decades. Engineers develop products and solutions to the markets, and the markets reflect our values. In our new bachelor´s degree you will specialize in Sustainable Mechanical Engineering and it will guarantee your professional competitiveness in job markets.

What is the BEng degree all about?

It is necessary to move to more sustainable forms and use of energy and raw material sources. Mechanical engineering plays a crucial role in both energy production and its consumption. Mechanical design is a key factor in how efficiently the raw materials are used, and it often defines the lifespan of products. As regards sustainability, Mechanical engineering is surely at the forefront.

Your studies in Sustainable Product Development will start with an introduction to engineering fundamentals. Applied mathematics and physics will prepare you to adopt mechanical engineering-oriented subjects such as technical mechanics, strength of materials, structural testing, and manufacturing techniques. You will be familiarized with engineering software such as modern CAD tools. You will learn to prepare technical documentation such as drawings and 3D models, and you will gain experience in how to produce them into products or prototypes.

Key contents of your professional studies are, for instance, mechanical design, intelligent automation and robotics, and management of the product development process and projects, while sustainability is a cross-cutting theme in your studies.

You will learn how to develop smart and sustainable products and services. You will grow to understand material technologies with focus on sustainability and lifetime cost approach. You will be equipped with skills to effectively utilize the latest CAD & CAE software as well as digital prototyping, and you will learn to utilize advanced data analysis for developing efficient solutions. Your toolbox will include strong knowledge of modern manufacturing technologies, circular economy, and project management. 

In the Finnish language course, you will learn basics of Finnish and it provides you a view to the Finnish culture and Scandinavian lifestyle. Multiculturalism and English as a working language is adopted on our international campus. Good connections with partner universities in Europe offer the opportunity to complete part of your studies in student exchange.

Stepping stone to worklife

After completion of the studies, you will be able to analyze mechanical problems and you will have adopted the engineering way of working. To ensure your fluent transfer from school to work, the study programme includes plenty of real-world challenges, development projects and workshops carried our together with industrial partners. Companies need mechanical engineering professionals who can apply sustainable and creative way of thinking for various design and development tasks. 


Students will be studying as a part of a multicultural student team. In the Degree Programme in Sustainable Product Development there are students from all over the world. In addition, you have the possibility to grow your international networks and work in cooperation with the Finnish student groups and companies. There are also possibilities to participate in international student exchange programs or study a double degree in some of our partner universities.

Career opportunities

After graduation, your career options are wide. For example, you could work as a mechanical engineer in the field of product development or as a process engineer taking care of efficient and optimized production chain. You may find yourself as an entrepreneur working with future proof product concepts or as a consultant engineer providing solutions to constantly tightening sustainability regulations. Or you can be a regulator yourself! Your skills will be highly valued wherever engineers are needed. Specialize in Sustainable Mechanical Engineering and contribute to building a sustainable future.

The job title could be one of the following:

  • mechanical engineer
  • design engineer
  • product development engineer
  • mechanics designer
  • product designer
  • sales engineer
  • project engineer
  • quality engineer
  • project manager
  • project engineer
  • supervisor
  • sustainability specialist