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Master's Degree in Digital Performance

Welcome to study new innovations and experimentation in performance art with the support of digital technologies at Oulu University of Applied Sciences! Master of Culture and Arts is our new Master Degree Programme in English that bridges the fields of performance art, digital technology, and innovation.

International innovation expertise in performance arts

The hands-on degree programme Master of Culture and Arts focuses on a hands-on approach to support new innovations and experimentation in performance art with the support of digital technologies.

Participation in the program will support professionals to embed digital technologies, and innovation and design methodologies into their performance art practice and production work. It will also offer development and networking opportunities with innovation communities within the European Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI). The cohort is expected to be interdisciplinary and international with the program completed in a collaborative and working-life focused learning environment.

The degree program delivers content focusing on competencies that enable participants to engage in performance art innovation and digital experimentation in Finland and globally. Graduates will be able to:

  • identify opportunities for collaboration and innovation through an interdisciplinary design approach in the context of performance art
  • design, test and implement an innovative arts production or project
  • practice and share expertise in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams and networks
  • and build professional networks.

The studies included in the degree (60 ECTS)

The study program will consist of 60 ECTS credits of content:

  • Thesis / Final Project Work 30 cr
  • Performance Arts Innovation, Production and Practice 10 cr
  • Performance Arts and Digital Futures 10 cr
  • Sustainability and Transversal Skills 5 cr
  • Entrepreneurship for Arts and Culture 5 cr

Study your Master’s Degree as a blended learning programme

The studies consist of distance learning sessions using online and video conferencing tools, and three to four (3-4) face-to-face sessions in Finland. The face-to-face sessions will take place at various times throughout the academic year starting with a short session in Oulu with all participants in August or September.

The year schedule of studies will run as follows (possible changes due to the timing and number of sessions in Finland):

  • Fall introduction session (4 days in Oulu) (dates TBC)
    • Key topics: program structure, introductions to Finnish arts practice and innovation, arts entrepreneurship, research methodologies, clarification of performance arts project challenges.
  • Online components:
    • Continued self-paced assignments covering performance arts innovation, entrepreneurship and digital futures as well as research thesis topics.
  • Late fall session (5 days in Oulu) (dates TBC):
    • Key topics: innovation, transversal skills and sustainability, production design and digital performance essentials.
  • Online components:
    • Monthly video conference sessions (3 hours each in August, September, October and November).
    • Continued self-paced assignments on core content.
  • Winter session (5 days in Oulu) (dates TBC):
    • Key topics: business planning and performance logistics, production testing and data collection.
  • Online components:
    • Monthly video conference sessions (3 hours each in January, February, March, April and May)
    • Continued self-paced assignments on core content.
  • Spring session (4 days in Oulu) (dates TBC):
    • Final wrap-up workshop including presentation of performance projects at public event (location TBC).

Tuition fees and scholarships

Oamk will charge a tuition fee from a student accepted to a degree programme taught in English. EU/EEA area and Swiss citizens are not subject to the charge. At Oamk the amount of the tuition fee for Master’s degree for non-EU/EEA students is 10 000 euros per academic year. Students can apply for scholarships to fund their studies. Oamk’s Scholarship system is meant for non-EU/EEA students who are required to pay tuition fees. Please, see more information about Oamk’s tuition fees and scholarships.

Master’s thesis

The final project will focus on the practical design, testing and implementation of a digital performance experiment or prototype production. The completion of the final project will be strongly integrated with the program course content so that participants can undertake the process from start to finish of concepting, designing, testing, implementing and evaluating a performance and explore the business potential of this work. This final project will also be integrated with thesis work since it is expected that student’s research will connect with data collection and evaluation of performance design and testing. Examples of final projects include: performances, immersive installations and interactive environments.

Employment after graduating

This program leads to a higher professional qualification targeting arts professionals, cultural sector innovators and performance producers internationally and in Finland who want to learn more about creating, funding, and managing innovations in digital performance or establishing their own company/non-profit organization. It is expected that participants will be offered opportunities to meet and present to industry stakeholders, such as funders or performance art organizations. The degree will support individual’s professional growth within the global performance art sector and general working life in the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI).

Internationalization and collaboration

This program will have a strong emphasis on internationalization since a large portion of every cohort will be expected to be international students. Program content will heavily emphasize learning on the global scale with both coursework and project work targeting awareness of global opportunities and international examples of digital performance. The program will also be offered in collaboration with several international industry and university partners. It is expected that these partnerships will support program content by affording opportunities to learn from various international experts and to learn from various cases of performance innovation globally. The program will work with other partner institutions in Europe with relevant expertise in the field of digital performance. Specific international collaboration activities will be determined at a later date.

Post-graduate studies

Graduates of the Master’s degree programme will be encouraged to continue their work both professionally and in further studies. With a master’s degree, students are able to continue to university post-graduate studies.