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Studies in data analytics and knowledge-based management provide new insight into business data management

Halla Greus, a student in the Master’s Degree Programme in Data Analytics and Project Management, applied for the programme to further develop her skills. Although the studies have occasionally been demanding, Greus has found them both enjoyable and interesting.

Halla Greus has especially enjoyed the flexibility of studies in data analytics and knowledge-based management.

Halla Greus, a digital content producer, was inspired by the Master’s Degree Programme in Data Analytics and Project Management as soon as she heard that it was being offered at Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk). Halla had previously completed a double degree in IT at Oamk.

– It seemed to me that data analytics and knowledge-based management was something I could apply in my work. I want to learn to better manage all the data in our company to ensure it can be used in the best possible way, says Halla.

According to Halla, her job description as a producer mainly includes content production and project management.

– This education helps me continue to develop myself. I also believe that the competence I gain will provide added value to our company, and that, in turn, will have a positive impact on the company’s cash flow, in addition to facilitating the work of my colleagues.

Flexible and interesting studies

Since contact teaching would have been an impossible option for Halla, who in addition to working has a baby at home, she was overjoyed at learning that the studies in data analytics and knowledge-based management mainly involve online studies.

– You can complete the studies flexibly according to your own schedule, since the lectures are recorded. The recordings also allow you to review the topics, even if you have attended in real time.

 Despite the studies being flexible, Halla has found them to be demanding every now and then.

– We have a lot of lectures, so you really need to schedule everything very carefully. The support from my spouse has been very important for my coping.                                                            

At the beginning of studies, Halla wondered about the adequacy of her own competence, but was quickly reassured after the initial shock.

– I soon noticed that all the students came from different backgrounds and that the instructors offer a lot of guidance, if required. More than anything, I’ve found the studies really enjoyable and interesting.

What Halla has most liked about her studies is learning new things and noticing how the things she learns can be put to direct use in her own job.

The studies are useful in many different fields

Halla recommends the studies in data analytics and knowledge-based management not only because they are interesting and flexible, but also because they are useful in many different jobs.

– The knowledge you gain from the programme can be applied in many different fields, depending on your own interests and competence.

In Halla’s opinion, the studies suit everyone interested in the topic, who want to learn something new and develop themselves and their career.

– As long as you’re motivated and can take responsibility for your own learning, the studies will definitely suit you.