Passionate about international business studies

Chamari Dasanayake moved to Finland in 2007 and is now studying international business at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. What she likes most about her studies is the opportunity to study together with students from many different backgrounds.

Chamari Dasanayake says the international study environment enables students to learn a lot from one another.

Business studies had long been a passion for Chamari Dasanayake, originally from Sri Lanka, before she began her studies at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Chamari’s interest in the field was kindled in upper secondary school, thanks to her having such a good teacher in business economics.

– My teacher got me interested in the field. I noticed I had talent for the subject, since I got good grades in it” says Chamari.

Chamari explains that in Sri Lanka, upper secondary school pupils choose a field they focus on. Although Chamari had found an interest in business economics, she opted to focus on biology in upper secondary school.

– I chose biology because of social considerations and work opportunities, but the appeal of business economics did not wane. Years later, when I heard about the opportunity to study international business at Oamk, I didn’t think twice about applying.

Before beginning her business studies, Chamari had graduated as a baker-confectioner from the vocational college in Oulu and had worked in the field for a few years.

Good balance between theory and practice

Chamari says she has been more than satisfied with her studies at Oamk. She has found it interesting to learn about different perspectives on business economics and how business works in different parts of the world.

– What I enjoy most is being able to study with people from different backgrounds. An international study environment enables us to learn a lot from one another.

According to Chamari, the studies offer a suitable mix of theory and practice. She says that students are also responsible for their own learning, as they search for much of the information on their own.

– You learn better if the teachers don’t just feed you all the information. Our studies also include a lot of group assignments, which prepare us for work in real workplaces.

Oulu has become a second home

Chamari looks to the future with an open mind. She says she has considered work in financial or HR management.

– I like to work with numbers and people, but we’ll see what I end up doing.

Chamari has been living in Oulu for several years, and the city has become a second home for her by now. She says she likes Oulu very much, but misses Sri Lanka every now and then.

– I especially enjoy the peacefulness of Oulu. As for Finnish culture, I like the fact that if you’re prepared to work hard, you’re encouraged and supported in reaching your dreams.

The studies require an interest in learning and finding information

In Chamari’s opinion, international business studies are well suited to anyone interested in the field and in working with people from different backgrounds.

– More than anything, you must be interested in learning new things and searching for information. You also need skills for independent learning and group work.

She recommends the degree programme especially because it provides a solid theoretical foundation and practical competence for work in an international business environment.

– My studies at Oamk have been extremely rewarding. The teachers are helpful, and you can always turn to them to discuss any challenges you face in your studies.