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Master’s degree in Data Analytics and Project Management gives you skills for the future of work

New Master’s degree in Data Analytics and Project Management will begin in autumn 2021 in Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The programme will support your opportunities for post-graduate studies in the Oulu University Graduate School.

New Master’s degree in Data Analytics and Project Management programme consists studies that will meet the needs of working life. The importance of data in the development of products and services has increased because of the digitalisation.

– Digital services and products provides data that we can analyze to find solutions to companies needs, says the Head of Education, Teppo Räisänen.

The main emphasis of the education is in data analytics, but the studies also focus on project management.  The content of the studies is suitable for technology engineers, business IT workers as well as career changers.

– If you know the basics of programming and computer use, the applicant can even be from the social and health care industry. Data analytics can be applied to many different jobs.

A degree that supports opportunities for post-graduate studies

The studies in Data Analytics and Project Management have 25 ECTS disciplinary studies that enables business IT workers post-graduate studies in doctoral studies at the university. The engineers possibility for post-graduate studies is still being processed. The contents of disciplinary studies have been planned with the faculties of the University of Oulu.

– We wanted to plan the study path so that the Master’s degree is valid as an admission requirement to the Oulu Graduate School.

Besides disciplinary studies the studies includes advanced vocational studies, elective studies and thesis. Advanced vocational studies focus on data analysis tools and methods and their application in supporting a company’s decision making.

– For example, students will do a small data analytics case study. They will look for a problem to research in the company. Data of the problem is collected for analysis and after that the results are presented to the company.

Studying the master’s degree online

The education is primarily comprised of e-learning in the evenings about three days a week.

– Studying includes online lessons, group working, reading literature and writing various raports. In the study of data analytics, we will analyze and visualize ready-made data sets from companies and the internet.

Teppo says that studying requires time and dedication to studies, cooperation skills and knowledge of the basics of statistics and programming.

– Above all, a positive attitude towards studying and learning new things is needed. The basics of digitalisation and computer use are also a plus, as studying and data processing will be done with a computer.

Picture: Aki Roukala

Abilities for multidisciplinary work

After graduating, you can work as an data analytics expert in any industry.

– Data analytics and project management can be applied multidisciplinary to a variety of challenging problems of different organizations.

The competence gained from the degree also provides a competitive advantage in the development of digital products and services.

– This education will give you excellent skills for a rapidly evolving industry that will be the work of future. The degree has also the advantage of post-graduate studies, which offers an opportunity to deepen own competence even more.