International Business at Oamk

A third-year student in the International Business programme, Alisa Chabanyuk of Ukraine, remembers very well her very first impression of Oulu. 

– When I arrived, I fell in love with the nature and the tranquility. It suits me well how people in Finland have a lot of personal space. I had read that Finns are very reserved, but I don’t think it is true. The Finns have given me a very warm welcome.

Finland  –  a new direction

In the first place, Alisa had decided to study abroad and the original plan was to apply to the Czech Republic. She had even studied the language already, but the Finnish education system gained victory.

– In the last stage, I had to choose between Jyväskylä and Oulu, and I wanted to go North. I love winter, snow and even darkness. However, it was a shock for my family that I wanted to move this far. Still they supported me in my decision and I’ve enjoyed my stay very much.

Alisa will complete her final courses as well as her thesis the following spring. Studying in Oulu has been very different from what she was accustomed to –  but in a positive way.

–Studying is very practical here. I’m already planning on how to continue my studies, as I definitely want to continue. Corporate environmental management could be one plan for the future.

International experience

Alisa spent the previous academic year as an exchange student in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It offered a new kind of environment and new ways to study.

– The study abroad placement was organized through the university and the year was really awesome.

Alisa believes that going abroad is important for opening new horizons, not only for studying.

– It’s a good idea to learn about different cultures, climates and everyday habits and to think about how they differ from your everyday environment. It is very important to be open-minded, Alisa concludes.