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Diverse studies in Information Technology degree programme

Dmitrii Tkachev came to study Information Technology in Oulu University of Applied Sciences from Russia. He especially likes the diversity of the studies and the way teachers do their work in Oamk.

Russian Dmitrii Tkachev has been studying Information Technology for a year and a half in Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Dmitrii chose Information Technology studies because he finds programming and working with computers very interesting. He has been interacting with computers even before he went to school.

– In the middle school I realized that programming is tricky and interesting at the same time. It’s something where your creativity and knowledge combine together because you don’t have just one solution to some task, Dmitrii tells.

Dmitrii wanted to come to study in Oulu University of Applied Sciences because of the diversity of the studies.

– I like that you get to try a lot of different things here, like different languages of programming and softwares. At the same time, the degree gives you what you want but doesn’t narrow it in one single part of information technology.

Practical learning through projects

Dmitrii has found the way they study very good for learning. Besides theory lessons and reading literature studying includes a lot of practical learning.

– We have many projects where you have to start from scratch. I like it very much because then you learn the whole process of programming starting from the beginning. One of the best thing of the studies is that we do a lot by hands.

Dmitrii also thinks that the teachers work is great in Oamk.

– I really like the way they work with the class, set up their lessons and have different approaches to studying. Teachers also has a very good time management, we have enough time to do everything but don’t study like eight hours straight everyday.

Studying in an international environment

According to Dmitrii, studying in an international environment gives you an great opportunity to improve English language skills.

– English language is very important in working life nowadays because you will most certainly work with people from different countries.

Dmitrii also likes that getting to know people from different cultures gives you new perspectives for life.

– Because they all have different backgrounds, they also have different approaches to the world. I like that you can learn from their behaviour and maybe get some good advices.

Happy living in Finland

Dmitrii is well adapted to living in Finland and plans to stay here. He likes the weather in Finland and the way how Finnish people live.

– I know there is a quite known meme about Finnish people standing with a meter between each people, but I like that people know their area around them. I would say that Finns are very calm and do not let anyone harm them but will also be happy to help others.

After graduating Dmitrii considers to continue studying for Master’s degree. He dreams that he could do something meaningful on his career.

– I don’t have some spesific dream company where I want to work but I want to do something that I can be proud of.

Dmitrii encourages everyone who are considering Information Technology studies to apply.

– Don’t worry too much or be afraid of your skills or anything. People here are very nice and always willing to help you.