Artificial intelligence and machine learning pave the way to more challenging tasks at tech giant

Aki Korvala, who graduated as an engineer in the 1990s, has had the opportunity to be part of a Finnish success story. A career of nearly thirty years at Nokia has presented him with numerous opportunities as well as the need for a skills update. Modern Software and Computing Solutions is an English-language master’s degree programme that meets the challenges of the software industry.

During his career, Aki, who graduated as an engineer from the then Oulu technical college, has experienced the heyday of Finnish technology expertise.

– I graduated at a time when Nokia was employing everyone. I’ve been working at the company since 1996, so I’m approaching my 30th anniversary there.

During the past three decades, Aki has accumulated work experience in several departments, ranging from practical work on base stations to mobile software development.

Initiating studies in the middle of a busy career makes you wonder how far your resources can stretch

Aki’s long work experience has also made him familiar with supervisory duties.

– I’ve mainly worked as a project manager.

Starting studies while holding a responsible position with a high work pace made Aki wonder about his ability to cope. He ultimately opted for a four-month study leave to ensure he could kick-start his studies without major scheduling conflicts.

– I assumed I wouldn’t have time for both at the same time. However, after the initial shock, I realised I could’ve handled my studies alongside work.

Aki experienced a rocky beginning because of the huge leap that has occurred in technology studies over the past few decades. If the last time you were in a classroom was in the 1990s, many things have changed.

– Every course involved coding. If you’ve been making PowerPoints all your life, you have some learning to do at first.

Having found his bearings, Aki has made good progress in studies. Courses focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence have become his particular favourites. Especially studies in machine learning have given rise to new career dreams and opportunities.

– I want more of this, please! The courses have kindled my interest in machine learning, but the field is so extensive that you could probably complete a separate degree in it.

Aki, who is accustomed to working remotely, deals with his studies in the same way as with work; in the morning, he works on his assignments on the computer, then he goes to his workplace, and in the early evening, he attends a distance lesson.

Riding the wave of artificial intelligence towards new challenges

What has motivated Aki to progress with his studies is the feeling that his expertise is expanding and deepening. Learning new things, even after a long career, offers opportunities to focus your work contribution in a way that is meaningful for the future.

– This programme offers me the opportunity to introduce the latest skills and knowledge in my workplace. Much of this stems from the buzz around AI, as we all need the ability to tailor what we do, be it processes or tools.

Aki’s graduation is slated for the first quarter of 2024. However, the exact date has not yet been set, as it will be influenced by the scope of his thesis, yet to be started. Nevertheless, Aki already has his eyes set on the new opportunities offered by his studies.

– I wanted something new and that’s what I got. A master’s degree gives me the tools to really do something different.