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A master’s degree in education entrepreneurship provided Giedre with a host of new professional skills – “Business studies were definitely the best part of the programme”

Giedre Tabocchini graduated from Oamk’s Master’s Degree Programme in Education Entrepreneurship in the summer of 2022. According to Giedre, the studies required time, motivation and curiosity.

A person sits in front of a piano.

When Giedre Tabocchini began considering a master’s degree and looking for suitable education options, the Degree Programme in Education Entrepreneurship offered by Oulu University of Applied Sciences sounded perfect right away.

– I was looking for a higher academic degree to obtain new skills that would be useful in my work, Giedre says. 

Originally from Lithuania, Giedre has been living in Finland since 2008. She graduated as a pianist and teacher from the Siauliai Conservatory in Lithuania in 2004, and then continued her studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, where she completed an academic degree in piano playing.

In Finland, Giedre established herself as a private trader and set up a music studio where she organised music play school for children and offered piano lessons. In January 2018, Giedre joined the International School of Music as assistant principal.

– Education Entrepreneurship sounded like an excellent education, as it included business studies. I had no previous experience of them and figured I would need business skills in my work.

Studying alongside work went smoothly

When considering a master’s degree, Giedre also wanted to make sure she could complete the studies alongside work in Espoo, where she lives.

– Oamk offered just the right amount of studies I could successfully coordinate with work and normal family life with children.

The Education Entrepreneurship programme can be completed from anywhere in Finland, as the studies are mainly offered online. The programme also included a few contact teaching sessions in Oulu, but Giedre’s study group was never able to attend any due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

– All our studies took place remotely. It was a shame because it would have been nice to meet the others in person. Nevertheless, we managed to create friendships during our studies.

According to Giedre, the studies included a lot of group work, which was a good way to get to know the other students.

– It was amazing. We were all so different, and there were students from all around the world. We sometimes set up Zoom meetings, during which we had coffee together and just talked about this and that.

Interesting studies and nice teachers

According to Giedre, the content of studies was really interesting. She felt the business studies were the most rewarding ones.

– Business studies were definitely the best part of the programme. They were the most rewarding studies to complete because I found them challenging and had to work a lot for them.

Giedre’s positive experience was also influenced by the course teacher.

– The teacher was really smart and interesting and had a great approach to teaching.

Giedre also praises the other teachers in the programme.

– Everyone was so different and great in their field of expertise. The teachers were more like friends and were always ready to help if required.

Putting the studies into practice

Giedre’s studies have been very useful in her work. In September 2023, she progressed from assistant principal to principal of the International School of Music.

– My business studies have been useful in preparing the business plan, for example. The service design studies have also come in handy when designing and creating new services for international families.

In Giedre’s opinion, the Education Entrepreneurship Degree Programme requires time, motivation and curiosity from the student.

– If your attitude to the programme is that you’re just going to see what it’s like, it won’t work.

Giedre recommends that anyone interested in the programme apply, even if the studies contain something completely different from what they have studied before. 

– I was nervous about studying subjects I had no previous experience of, but I survived and I’m sure that others will as well, if they want to.