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Open University FAQ

Please start by familiarizing yourself with Open UAS study policies, e.g. studies are subjected to a fee and do not lead to a degree. You are also not eligible to receive student benefits or apply for a student visa.

You can browse for available education in Oamk Boost. Pay attention to the teaching language when browsing courses on the English site – the pages list all available education, and translate the courses into English even though the actual course may be taught in Finnish.

  • Enrollment is done by selecting the course(s) and clicking the “Add to basket”-button. Follow up by selecting the basket and choose enroll all, after which the system will ask you to fill in your personal details.
    After successful enrolment, you will receive an automatic confirmation email, and a separate email containing the invoice link (valid for 24 hr). If you enrolled to several courses, you will receive individual payment links for all.
  • Once the payment has been made through Paytrail-service, the system will send you a new automatic email, which has the link to the Open UAS infopage, containing all information you need in order to start your studies.
  • Note! If you’re planning on taking more than 20 cr worth of courses, it’s possible to pay the academic year fee. Choose the academic year fee of 300 euros during your first enrollment, and after this you can use the “I have already paid the academic year fee” enrollment profile for making more enrollments.

If you’re chosen as a degree student in Oamk, your credits can be compensated, and you don’t have to re-do the course. However, note that if you complete Open UAS courses in a different degree, you need agree the compensations in advance with the head of the degree programme.

If you continue your studies in a different university of applied sciences, it is they who determine if your courses are compensatable or not.

Open UAS studies are invoiced according to enrolments and cancelling without a fee is only possible before the courses have started. The pricing is 15€ / credit or 300€ / academic year.

Individual courses:

After the enrolment, you will receive a payment link in your email, which is valid for 24 hours. After you have paid the fee, you will receive instructions on how to start your studies by email.

Path studies:

Study path fee is 300 €. The fee is paid in August/December (studies beginning in January). You will receive a payment link (valid for 24 hours) when the student selections have been made. 

If you have any questions relating to the invoice, please contact immediately. 

Unfortunately the exact schedules are often published later than the enrollment time ends. Once published, the schedules are available in Schedule Tool (Lukkarikone). You can search with the realization search (course name or code) or if you’re a Study Path student, with the group code.

If the announced schedule doesn’t suit you, you are able to cancel your enrollment without a fee before the course starts. All cancellations must be made to

After completing all of your studies at the Open UAS, you can order a digitally signed transcript of records. Digitally signed documents are available immediately and you can print or forward them as electronic attachments. Documents ordered via Peppi are official documents which are valid to prove your studies to authorities. More detailed instructions can be found on the Open UAS infopage.
If you need a paper version, you can request one by email:

For more information, please contact us at: