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Oamk Expertise in Digital Solutions

Oamk’s expertise in digital solutions lays on strong experience in developing new mobile technologies e.g. 5G, 6G and wireless connectivity in close cooperation with working life. In order to respond to challenges emerging from working life and related stakeholders, we aim to support higher education transition towards competence-based approach and a versatile use of digital learning environments especially focusing on remote access and use of equipment in training. This way we can secure availability of competent workforce in different disciplines. The research gap in developing this kind of digital solutions and related digital pedagogical approaches is evident.

One certain piece of technology such as AI or 6G does not guarantee a leap but just incremental development for the remote controlling of complex systems. Instead of just one or two, all above mentioned simultaneously adopted and emerged from the basis of the 4IR maintaining sustainability and creating business opportunities. A concept for remote-controlled complex systems has a key building block, digital twin, in the center, surrounded by the web of other building blocks. The concept covers real-time, interactive platforms reaching from engineering with 3D CAD programs, moving through manufacturing processes and logistic/supply chains to education, operations and maintenance.The cloud based remote control platform provides students with access and control to machines and equipment from different disciplines. For example, a music student can practice with virtual instruments from their home or the energy economics student  may study the effects of different system adjustments on device operation. In addition to students’ virtual practical studies, the cloud based remote control platform attaches teachers’ scaffolding to the activity and educational organisations eLearning courses and LMSs. The open application programming interface (API) allows efficient use of learning analytics and supports e.g. digital open badge-driven learning within the system.

Figure: Cloud based remote control platform. In Oamk, we have already developed some virtual solutions for different disciplines and gathered experience, knowledge and technological competence that allows us to develop the Cloud Based Remote Control Platform.