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European Level Excellence


Universities of applied sciences pursue applied research and development that, in addition to supporting the education they provide, serve both labour market goals and regional development. The Bologna Process was established to make higher education in Europe more attractive and competitive worldwide. One of the main goals was to ensure the mutual recognition of qualifications and learning periods abroad completed at other universities. Equally important target is to implement a system of quality assurance, to strengthen the quality and relevance of learning and teaching. Our bold vision is to be one of the main developers of competence-based approach in Europe, and in particular to bring together related networks.

Oamk School of Professional Teacher education has profound mastery in development of competence-based pre- and in-service teacher education and vocational teacher programmes. We are regionally, nationally and internationally experienced partner in competence-based development of curricula, work-based learning and assessment practices. To us, competence-based approach means moreover best practices in scaffolding learning. In our mind, competence-based approach is the sustainable, affordable and effective response to unique professional needs on individual, industrial and societal level.

With this project we aim to build European level excellence in competence-based approach, and study also digital pedagogical and work-integrated pedagogy that supports the previous. From a technological point of view, we have set a narrow but demanding focus on remote access and control of machines and equipment in different disciplines. Our goal is to be brilliant in cloud based remote control platforms to access and control machines and have extensive understanding of pedagogical choices related. We seek to promote the key success factors of competence-based approach. The vision is that in 2023 our regional, national and international connections form a solid community that shares excellence in competence-based approach. We will extend the recipients of our developments beyond the consortium of OamkDigComp and use the tool of interest groups to integrate external stakeholders of its value network into the evolution of the Centre. We are looking forward to building strong connections with several EU countries and our strategic international partners as well as networks to contribute and develop in our strategically defined areas.