MA00BS64  |  Degree Programme in Music pedagogue

Chamber Music/Orchestra/Lied/Ensemble 2

Objectives:Students have learned how to act as musicians skilled at interaction in chamber music ensembles/as member in orchestra/ensemble.
Organ major: Students have mastered the basic playing technique as well as the main interpretative and expressive means of harpsichord.
Teaching form:Daytime contact teaching
Teaching language:English
Number of Credits:3 cr
Cost:Look for prices
Date(s):04.01.2021 - 14.05.2021
Level:Bachelor Programme
Degree programme:Degree Programme in Music pedagogue
Enrolment:28.10.2020 - 11.12.2020
Number of participants:10
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tel. +358 20 611 0213


The working principles of chamber music/orchestra/ensemble. Repertoire adjusted to a period. A concert performance after every period.
Organ major: Stylistically easy compositions of different forms by prominent composers.


To be announced at the beginning of the course

Student allowance

Studies at the Open UAS are not entitled to any student allowance.

Other Information

Suitability for this course will be tested.
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