MA00BS34  |  Degree Programme in Music pedagogue

Introduction to Music Technology

Objectives:Introduction to principles of acoustics, psychoacoustics, sound re-inforcement and studio work. At the end of the course student is able to monitor, record and mix instruments to make demo.
Place:studying is not tied to a location
Teaching form:Virtual studies
Teaching language:English
Number of Credits:3 cr
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Date(s):04.01.2021 - 14.05.2021
Level:Bachelor Programme
Degree programme:Degree Programme in Music pedagogue
Enrolment:28.10.2020 - 11.12.2020
Number of participants:30
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tel. +358 20 611 0213


- Introduction to music technology principles
- Introduction to Notation program, (Sibelius),
- Introduction to Live sound reinforcement, monitoring and mixing
- Introduction to recording and working with Audio workstation, (Logic, Cubase or Pro Tools)


No prerequisites.

Student allowance

Studies at the Open UAS are not entitled to any student allowance.

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