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Kuusi nuorta opiskelijaa istuvat yhdessä pöydän ääressä luokkahuoneessa. Osa katsoo kohti läppäriä ja osa kohti kännykkää.

How to Influence Your Studies

As a student, you can influence your studies and the development of education in different ways. Oamk’s student feedback system gives every student equal opportunities to give feedback. 

We are developing a common feedback culture with our students.  It as important to highlight issues of key concern to students and to strengthen the perception of student empowerment.  

We have summarised the key aspects of our quality work in an animation, which gives you an overview of what quality work means to us and how students are involved in developing activities at Oamk. The animation is available with english subtitles.

Student feedback system 

The student feedback system consists of feedback collected from courses, an annual student survey and national surveys. As a student, you play an important role in the development of education by providing feedback.

Course feedback

Course feedback is collected through Peppi for each course. The components of the course feedback system are 

  • continuous feedback 
  • interstitial feedback 
  • final feedback. 

Teachers can also create their own enquiries through the system. Teachers use the feedback they receive to develop the course. We also use the feedback in performance appraisals and at the competence level. 

Annual student survey

We organise an annual student survey in January and February. The aim is to find out students’ views on what works and what needs to be improved. These include the progress and delivery of studies and student satisfaction. 

The results of the survey will be discussed in the competence areas, highlighting areas for improvement based on a joint discussion. The Oamk-level summary will be discussed in the Education Development Group. 

National surveys

The University of Applied Sciences Graduation Student Feedback Survey (AVOP Survey) is a nationwide graduation student feedback survey where you, as a student, evaluate and give feedback on your education and studies as a whole.  

You answer the questionnaire at the latest when you apply for your diploma. The results are used both in the development of Oamk’s own activities and nationally in the guidance and funding of education. You can find out more about the responses of Oamk graduates on the Vipunen portal.

The annual national career monitoring survey of universities of applied sciences is answered by graduates who have completed their studies five years earlier. Its aim is to provide up-to-date information on graduates’ employment, the career opportunities offered by their education and the relevance of their studies to working life.