New Master’s degree in Clinical Optometry begins in Oamk

We have clarified the description of the education on 14.1.2020. The earlier text may have suggested that the graduate student was qualified to diagnose eye diseases in Finland based on the current Finnish law. We apologize! 

New Master’s degree in Clinical Optometry will begin in autumn 2020 in Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The application period starts in January 2020.

Dr. Robert Andersson, Principal lecturer in optometry, is the Head of Clinical Optometry degree program. New Master’s degree has a significant impact on eye care both in Finland and internationally.

–There aren’t degrees like this in Finland yet and only a few in Europe. Actually, England is one of the only European countries which offers a degree in ophthalmology, says Dr. Robert Andersson.

Robert tells that there will be applicants from Finland and also internationally. The degree program has attracted a lot of interest abroad.

Dr. Robert Andersson (left) is the Head of Clinical Optometry program and Snr Lec. Tuomas Juustila (right) has helped putting it into practice.

The education enhances public health

Studies will include a lot of work and practical learning.

– Education is a part-time-based education. Every three months, we have contact teaching periods which has a theory but are focused on practical learning. On distance learning periods, students will start working on the learned things independently.

Education will give you a lot of different career opportunities and an ability to do work for promoting public health.

Master’s degree in Clinical Optometry gives you an ability to work for example, as a clinical instructor and lecturer or a clinical researcher. Robert tells that there is an increasing need for clinical optometrist professionals both in hospitals and different kinds of eye care organizations. 

– Optical stores are offering more and more clinical services these days. 

Finland as a leading country of the industry

Education is especially for those who are interested in the clinical side of optometry. Robert recommends education because of the great opportunity to jump in to follow the development of the industry. 

– This education has already got a lot of interest internationally, and it is great to hear that Finland is becoming one of the leading countries for developing the eye care industry. We are in the forefront position for improving public health and now is the time to jump in, Dr. Robert Andersson encourages.