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Naveen, who studies data analytics and knowledge-based management, is satisfied with the flexibility of studies – “It’s really great that you can complete studies at your own pace”

Naveen Kollipara from India started his master’s studies in the Data Analytics and Project Management degree programme at Oamk to fulfil his dream of working as a data analyst.

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Naveen Kollipara, a database developer, applied to study data analytics and knowledge-based management at Oulu University of Applied Sciences because he considered the degree programme a great opportunity to specialise in data analytics without leaving work.   

– At Oamk, you can complete all studies remotely, alongside work, says Naveen.

Naveen has previously completed a university degree in electronics and communication technology in India. He moved to Oulu to work in 2020.

– I used to work in India, but my company sent me to work temporarily in Oulu.

Naveen says he enjoys life in the city very much.

– Oulu is one of my favourite places in Finland. The city is not heavily populated, but it has all the necessary services. In addition, Oulu has beautiful nature, and the people here are really friendly.

Flexible hands-on learning

Naveen is also satisfied with his studies at Oamk. In his opinion, the programme has been planned well.

– The best thing so far has definitely been the flexibility of studies. It’s great that you can complete the studies at your own pace.

Naveen also praises the practical nature of the studies.

– You also have theoretical studies, but the majority of lectures and course assignments are practical.

Naveen says he has learned a lot of interesting things during his studies.

– For example, I’ve learned about the importance of data quality for effective decision-making and the role of stakeholder communication in successful project management.

Plans for a new profession

Naveen dreams of working as a data analyst in the future.

– I have worked with data for the last eight years and feel that the work of a data analyst would be more interesting than my current duties.

Naveen’s plans are to find a permanent job in Oulu. 

– I’m actively looking for work here. I’ve liked Finland so much that I definitely want to stay here.

According to Naveen, the master’s degree in data analytics and knowledge-based management is suitable for those who are already working and are looking to specialise in data analytics or knowledge-based management.

– It would be good for the student to have problem-solving skills. They are needed in these studies in addition to motivation and interest.