Development Projects

NUVE-LAB provides research, development and testing capabilities from passage cars to heavy utility vehicles.  It´s a great environment to test machines operating on low-bearing soils under conditions similar to the final operating environment. Find out more about our ongoing utility vehicle development projects.

LEVITOI project delivers leading agri-logistics and machine solutions for changing soil conditions

The LEVITOI consortium develops new machine and equipment solutions to overcome logistical and operational challenges of primary production.

Climate change is challenging operating conditions outside the main road network worldwide. In some regions rising temperatures and increasing rainfall are weakening the bearing capacity of the soil. In others, droughts compact and harden the soil. New technological solutions are necessary as the demand for agri- and forest products and crops grow globally, and efficient, nature-preserving operations become critical.

The LEVITOI project strengthens the know-how in agricultural and utility vehicle technology, especially the ability to bring new and tested products quickly to market.

Read more about LEVITOI project.

eMobiili project – Improving Knowledge of Experts

NUVE-LAB is linked to a partner project which is targeted at people in Northern Ostrobothnia who work in the automotive and utility vehicle sector. This project is called eMobiili and its goal is to expand the knowledge of experts to work with new kinds of vehicle technologies (f.ex. hybrid, electric, gas motors). 

Link in Finnish: eMobiili

NUVE – Nordic Platform for Development of Autonomous Utility Vehicles

The changing climate and tightened environmental legislation are guiding the vehicle manufacturers to develop ecological and low-emission transportations and utility vehicles. Switching from the combustion engines to hybrid and electric vehicles decreases the emissions of a utility vehicle. The NUVE project will build a controlled environment for researching, developing and testing for semi-autonomous and fully autonomous utility vehicles.

Mobilab – the Kickstart for the Expertise of Automotive and Vehicle Technology

The Mobilab project, the trigger for the NUVE-LAB project, which starts by building the actual laboratory and research and development environment on the Linnanmaa campus in Oulu.