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Certificates for Master's degrees

Applicants applying for Master’s degrees should provide a proof of their eligibility for the education in question.

During the application period, you should upload the following documents into your online application:

  • Copy of your Bachlor’s or Master’s degree diploma
  • Copy of your academic transcript
  • Copy of the official English translation of the diploma and academic transcript if they are not in English
  • Document proving the sufficient level of English language skills
  • Advance assignment, if the degree programme in question uses it as a selection method.

All supportive documents should be attached to the online application. If for some reason you wish to send the documents by post or courier services to Oulu University of Applied Sciences, please follow the instructions below:

When you send a consignment of documents to Finland:

  • Send the consignment of documents as a letter. Do not send it as a parcel.
  • Do not determine a value for the letter, when sending it. Do not indicate even the amount paid for a passport to the authorities, such as the amount of stamp duty, or the value of the concluded insurance for the consignment.  
  • If the country of dispatch requires the consignor to determine a value for the consignment of documents, the value is zero (euros or other currency).
  • The goods description for the consignment should be, for example, documents.

For further information regarding the consignment of documents to Finland, please contact Finnish Customs directly. 

Work experience

Since the admission criteria of field specific work experience is stated at the Finnish legislation, the work experience is checked from all selected students. Work experience is verified with an employment certificate provided by the employer. An employment certificate must indicate details such as the exact start and end dates of employment, the employer’s contact information, work duties, as well as working hours for part-time work. If the employment continues, the applicant should request a temporary employment certificate from the employer. Work experience must be obtained in a relevant field.

Military or non-military national service, women’s voluntary military service or child-care leave will not be counted towards work experience.

If applicants have post-secondary or higher vocational level diploma from Finland, the work experience obtained after completion of the diplomas in question (in any field of education) but prior to taking the higher education degree is accepted.