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Separate Application: Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology

Name of the Qualification

Bachelor of Engineering

Degree Title

Bachelor of Engineering

Scope of Degree

240 ECTS cr / 4 years

Name of the Degree Programme

Degree Programme in Information Technology

Number of Starting Places


Implementation of Studies

The education is arranged in Oulu Linnanmaa Campus mainly on weekdays between 8am and 4pm. Also, some part of the teaching can be arranged in the evenings or as online.

Studies begins with Orientation Days in mid August in Oamk Linnanmaa Campus. The first period studies begins at the end of August in Linnanmaa Campus. Studies are full-time studies and courses are arranged according to the curriculum.


Linnanmaa campus

Yliopistokatu 9, FI-90570 Oulu

Application period

2nd October at 8am – 23rd October 2023 at 3 pm (Finnish time)

Studies begin

August 2024

Taulukko: Tutkinto-ohjelman kuvaus

Application practicalities

Eligible applicants have completed

  • the studies required for graduating from the Finnish upper secondary school or a Matriculation Examination;
  • an International Baccalaureate (IB) degree and/or graduated form the IB upper secondary school and written 6 subjects on IB level;
  • a European Baccalaureate (EB) Diploma;
  • a Reifeprüfung (RP) or Deutsche Internationale Abitur (DIA) degree;
  • a Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification covering 120 credits or 180 competence points or a corresponding earlier Finnish vocational degree covering at least 80 credits;
  • a Finnish post-secondary or higher vocational level diploma;
  • a Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification or a further or specialist vocational qualification as a competence-based qualification, or a comparable previous qualification;
  • a foreign qualification that provides eligibility for higher education studies in the country in question;
  • Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree.

The qualification must have been completed by the 31st of December 2023.

The applicant must demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the English language during the application by one of the following methods: 

  • Language test results
    • IELTS Academic: a minimum total score of 6.0
    • TOEFL Academic (iBT): a minimum total score of 60
    • PTE Academic: a minimum total score of 55
    • Cambridge C1 Advanced: a minimum total score of 169
    • Cambridge C2 Proficiency: a minimum total score of 169
  • National Certificate of Language Proficiency (YKI) English
    • Proficiency level 4 on all the subtests (reading, writing, listening and speaking).
  • Higher education degree completed in English in an EU/EEA country, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, or the United States  
  • Upper secondary degree completed in English in an EU/EEA country, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, or the United States 
  • One of the following grade cases in Finnish Matriculation Examination, European Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate or Reifeprüfung/DIA
    • Finnish Matriculation Examination: English on advanced Level with a minimum grade of M 
    • International Baccalaureate completed in English
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma: grade 4 in higher level English
    • European Baccalaureate: at least grade 6.00 in L2-level English
    • Reifeprüfung/DIA completed Diploma:  at least grade 7 in advanced English.

The language test result must be valid for a minimum of one day during the application period.

Applicants’ eligibility is verified as part of the application process before the selection. If the applicant has not demonstrated sufficient proficiency in the English language by the application deadline, the eligibility provided by the applicant’s educational background will not be evaluated.

Applicants must attach copies of their school diplomas and copies of their documents that prove language skills by the 30th October 2023 at 3pm Finnish time. In addition, a copy of an official Finnish, Swedish or English translation of the certificate must be attached to the application if the diploma is not written in one of these languages. The translation must be by the authorized translator and must include the translator’s signature and stamp.

The students are chosen on the basis of entrance examination. The entrance examination consists of two phases. All applicants are invited to the first phase. An invitation to the entrance exam will be sent to the applicant’s e-mail by 31st October 2023. If necessary, the applicant needs to check also spam and other folders. If the applicant has not received an invitation to the entrance exam, the applicant must submit a notice to no later than 2nd November 2023 at 12:00 noon Finnish time. Submissions received after this deadline will not be considered.

The applicant needs for an entrance exam

  • computer and internet connection
  • note taking accessories (pen and paper)
  • a mobile phone or other similar device with which the applicant takes pictures of their entrance exam answers written on paper, including intermediate steps. The applicant must transfer these pictures as a PDF file to the test system during the entrance exam. The applicant must have the same paper documents available in the second phase of the entrance examination (online interview).
  • for the second phase applicant needs computer with speaker, microphone, camera, internet connection and a quiet place with no distractions during the interview.

Phase 1: (Online exam) 7th November 2023 at 10:00am–1:00pm (Finnish time)

  • The online exam contains tests in mathematics, logical deduction, physics and English language (written skills). Points awarded: max 70 p; minimum requirement 20 p. The applicant taking the online entrance exam can choose the starting time, the maximum time to take the online entrance exam is 2 hours. The exam period ends no later than 1:00pm, regardless of the start time. At least 30 best applicants in each programme will be invited to an online interview based on the points of the online exam.

Phase 2: (Online interview) 27th–30th November 2023

  • The online interview (individual). The language of the online interview is English, and the interview assesses the oral skills of the English language and assesses the competence of the subjects in the first phase. The applicant should have the original notes of the first phase exam in the online interview for the second phase, as questions will be asked about these. The maximum score for an online interview is 6 and the lowest approved score is 3 points. If any of the sections to be evaluated is 0, the entire performance has been rejected.

The student selection is made by the score of the second phase interview. If two or more applicants share the same score, rank order of applicants is resolved according to the points of the first phase. If there is still more than one applicant with an identical score, all applicants with an identical acceptable score will be selected.

The online application is available during the application period at national website. The application form must be submitted before the end of the application period. The admission is conditional until the UAS has checked the applicant’s school certificates and other relevant documents. The UAS may withdraw the admission if applicant has given false information.

If, due to disability, disease, dyslexia or some other specific reason, you need individual arrangements during the entrance exam (e.g. additional time, tasks without pictures for applicants using a screen reader), you have to fill in a written request for individual arrangements. 

Please be prepared to describe your special needs and the grounds for special arrangements in the Individual arrangements application. You should enclose any relevant copies (e.g. medical certificate). The deadline for request of special needs is on 23rd October 2023 at 3pm (Finnish time). The applicants’ situations are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

More information on tuition fees and scholarships is available here.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences is entitled to cancel the study right of a student if the information the student has given is false, the student is a danger to themself or any other student or staff member, or if any other relevant legal provisions are applicable.

Please notice, that the student selection is conditional until the original documents are checked and verified. If an applicant who has enrolled as present fails to deliver the original documents to be checked by the given date, the study place is cancelled.

According to this provision, a student may accept only one offer of admission to a study programme leading to a higher education degree in Finland in education that begins in the same academic term. This rule applies to all higher education.

Higher education degrees included in the provision are:

  •  Bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees awarded by Finnish universities of applied sciences
  •  Bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees awarded by Finnish universities
  •  Licentiate and doctoral degrees awarded by Finnish universities.

The provision applies to higher education regardless of how the studies are provided. When you accept an offer of admission to one study programme all other offers of admissions to other study programmes will be cancelled automatically. You cannot be offered admission to other study programmes starting in the same academic term (1.8.−31.12. or 1.1.−31.7) after you have accepted an offer of admission. For example, if you have accepted an offer of admission in a separate application to a study programme that begins in August, you cannot accept an offer of

Applicants not satisfied with the results of the student selection process should in the first instance contact the Admissions Services at or
tel. +358 29 448 9001.

If the matter is not resolved thus, the applicant may send a written appeal to the Admission Services within 14 days after the results of the student selection have been published. The appeal must be directed to the Rector of Oulu University of Applied Sciences and primarily sent by email to Alternatively the appeal may be sent by post to the following address:

Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Admissions Services
P.O. BOX 405

N.B. The appeal must be signed by the applicant. Oulu University of Applied Sciences takes no responsibility for delays caused by the postal delivery services.

Contact information

Further information about application and selection criteria

Admission Services
(service available in English)
Tel. +358 29 448 9001 

Further information about the study contents

Tyni Annukka
Senior Lecturer, Electrical, Automation and Mechanical Engineering
040 1495329