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Information for New Bachelor's Degree Students

The results for the joint application to higher education (spring 2024) will be announced by 31 May 2024 at the latest. The results are updated in real time in the Studyinfo. You can check your current student selection status by logging in to My Studyinfo. After selection has been completed, the Finnish National Agency for Education will send all applicants an email showing the result information regarding all study programmes they have applied to. Selected students will be informed about the orientation days in their acceptance letter. 

To start your studies:

  •  Accept the study place and enroll for the academic year 2024–2025. 
  •  Start the residence permit application process immediately, if necessary.
  •  Pay the tuition fee by the due date.
  •  Get your student username and password in August.
  •  Bring your original school documents to the Academic Affairs at the beginning of your studies.
  •  Get familiar with your degree programme’s materials.
  •  Get familiar with the Digital Starter Package and start working with it in August.

The study place must be accepted and the enrolment for academic year 2024–2025 completed by latest on Thursday 11 July 2024 at 3 pm Finnish time in Studyinfo database. The study place is accepted by using the link you receive from Studyinfo or by using the strong identification (a Finnish bank account, mobile certificate, or an electronic ID card). If you do not have a possibility for strong identification or the link you received from Studyinfo does not work, please contact Admission Services

You can find more details about the enrolment here: Right to Study

Remember to use secure email if you are sending your certificate of absence by email:

1. Register your e-mail address to the service
2. You will receive an email titled: ”Turvaposti Oulun Yliopisto”. The email includes a personal link to register to the service.
3. In the “To” -field, please write and to the “Subject” -field, please write: Certificate of absence.
4. Attach your copies of certificate(s) to your email.
5. Send your confidential email in this service.

Please note, that absence during the first academic year is possible only due to reasons defined in the Finnish Law. More information about the acceptable reasons for absence can be found in your acceptance letter (page 3).

The prerequisite for absence is that you submit a document for the statutory reason for your absence:

– Enlistment order or service certificate,
– Kela’s certificate for the period of pregnancy or parental allowance or, if there is no certificate yet, a doctor’s certificate for pregnancy. Corresponding certificates of statutory parental leave from the authorities of other countries are also accepted.
– Sickness allowance decision or, if there is none, a medical certificate. The medical certificate must state which illness or disability is involved and that the illness or disability in question prevents the start of the studies. The student’s own statement is not sufficient.

If you enroll as absent for the first academic year due to illness or injury, it will consume your two-semester-right of absence. For spring semester you can only change your enrollment from presence to absence if the illness or injury that was the reason for the absence in the fall semester continues in the spring semester as well. The application for the change in the enrollment must be submitted by 15 January or the next business day.

Absence due to military service, non-military service, women’s voluntary military service, pregnancy or parental leave is possible at any stage of the studies, and it does not consume the right to absence for two semesters.

You can submit the certificate of absence by e-mail or submit a copy of the document to the Admission Services by post. Submitted copies will be destroyed after review. Documents must be submitted in Finnish, Swedish or English. If you do not submit documents by the deadline or if they are incomplete, you will be registered as an attending student.

Performing conscript or non-military service after gaining admission to school

If you are in conscript, non-military or voluntary military service after you have been admitted to a school and you are absent from school either before or after performing the service, you could potentially lose your eligibility for a student loan compensation. The period qualifying you for the compensation can be extended, but that only applies to the academic terms in which you are in active service.

– For more on the qualifying criteria for the student loan compensation

– Use an online calculator to check your eligibility for a student loan compensation (in Finnish)

Apply for a residence permit immediately after receiving your acceptance letter. The entire process may take several months.

Please note that orientation programme is obligatory to participate. Choose the option to come to Finland prior your studies starting when applying for residence permit. Otherwise, your residence permit will be valid from the first orientation day. In this case you need to apply for a D-visa which let you enter Finland before your residence permit becomes valid. Instructions for D-visa.

Here you can find information about all the mandatory appendices that you need for applying a residence permit.

Your application will be processed only after you have visited a Finnish embassy. Also, the estimated processing time of your application starts from the day you visit the embassy. 

Please note that the Finnish Immigration Service makes decisions about residence permits independently and Oulu University of Applied Sciences cannot influence on any decision-making or speed up the process.

The studies start on campus in August. Orientation programme is mandatory for all new students. Your physical presence is required.

In case of problems

If you are unable to start your studies in Oulu in August, please get in contact with the Head of Studies and about your situation and the reason for your absence. You also must present a document that proves your ongoing residence permit application process.

The paid tuition fee will not be refunded for a semester during which the student has enrolled on a course/courses or/and completed a course/courses as an Oulu University of Applied Sciences student. If the studies require attendance, the paid tuition fee can be refunded if the student submits a negative decision of the residence permit, adecision of an entry ban given by the Finnish Border Guard, or certificate of cancelling the residence permit application. In addition, it is required that the student resigns from Oulu University of Applied Sciences before the tuition fee is refunded.

Please note that the paid tuition fee covers only the academic year in question. The payment cannot be transferred to cover the next academic year in case your residence permit process is delayed for some reason.

At Oamk the amount of the tuition fee for Bachelor’s degree is 10 000 € per academic year. Tuition fee is charged from the non-EU/EEA students (including UK citizens) studying in the English degree programmes who do not hold the Finnish residence permit that gives the exemption from the tuition fees. Document proving the right for exemption must be submitted before the tuition fee is charged. If you confirm your study place and enroll present within 7 days from receiving the information of acceptance, you are entitled for an early bird discount of 2 000 €. This means that the tuition fee for the first academic year is 8 000 €. The tuition fee must be paid in full by the due date. If you fail to pay the tuition fee within the given due date, you will lose your right to study. 

The scholarship is awarded solely on the basis of the student’s Finnish language skills. Students can enhance their language skills during their studies. The maximum scholarship during the optimal study time of the degree programme is 6000€. The scholarship is applied to tuition paying students who have been admitted to the degree programmes with official start day in August 2024. Please see more information from the Study Guide.

New students get their students-id (username) from –service using Finnish bank account access codes. You can get the username and password in August. It is required that you have accepted the study place and enrolled for next academic year. Read the instructions on how to get your Oamk username and password.

If you do not have a Finnish bank account username and password will be sent to you in August by Academic Affairs.

Test your username and password before starting the studies. For example, try to log in to the MS 365 cloud service used in Oamk (login instructions). The study counselor and your tutor teacher will contact you via your school email. In case of any problems, please contact


For your studies you need to have a laptop/computer, good internet connection and a working browser (for example Google Chrome). In addition, you need to have a headset with a microphone for online teaching and guidance appointments and a web camera. As a student you will get a MS 365 service for free. This includes applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc. Register to MS 365 service with your student username.

Studying at Oamk requires good digital learning skills and the management of digital services that benefit and enable study. To support these skills a Moodle Digital Starter Package has been built. This will help you learn how to use the digital programs and services necessary for learning.

You can get started with the Digital Starter Package after you have received your student username and password. You can get familiar with the tasks included in this Digital Starter Package independently on your own schedule. We recommend that you complete the Digital Starter Package before the start of your studies or during the orientation week / first period of studies. At the beginning of your studies, the degree programme can provide more detailed instructions about the tasks in the Digital Starter Package.

Digital Starter Package will open in Moodle in the beginning of August. Log in to Moodle with your student username and password: After logging, register yourself in the course area Digital Starter Package 2024-2025. As the course key for the Digital Starter Package, you use an enrolment key, which you can find on the home page of the course area.

The digital starter package is available to you throughout the first school year. You can return to the Moodle platform to review things during the first school year, if necessary.

Read more about Moodle.

Orientation programme is mandatory for all new students. If you are unable to start your studies in Oulu in August, please get in contact with the Head of Studies and about your situation and the reason for your absence. You also must present a document that proves your ongoing residence permit application process.

Information Technology, DIN24SP
Mandatory Orientation Days will take place in Linnanmaa Campus/Information Technology on 21-23 August 2024. 
DIN_Orientation Programme_pdf

Contact information
Kaisa Orajärvi
Head of Studies, Senior Lecturer, Information technology

Mechanical Engineering, DME24SP
Mandatory Orientation Days will take place in Linnanmaa Campus/Mechanical Engineering on 21-23 August 2024.
DME_Orientation Programme_pdf

Contact information
Timo Väyrynen
Head of Studies, Lecturer, Engineering

International Business, DIB24SP
Mandatory Orientation Days will take place in Linnanmaa Campus/International Business on 21-23 August 2024.
DIB_Orientation Programme_pdf

Contact information
Eija Rajakangas
Head of Studies, Senior Lecturer, Business

Nursing, ENP24SP
Mandatory Orientation Days will take place in Kontinkangas Campus, Kiviharjuntie 4, 90220 Oulu on 19-21 August 2024. (Guidance in the main lobby). 
ENP_Orientation Programme_pdf

Contact information
Floro Cubelo
Head of Studies, Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Social Care

Helka Ervasti
Senior Lecturer

Pre-Picnic for new students
OSAKO (student union) also organizes annual pre-picnics, where new students get to know each other in a relaxed, alcohol-free way. This year the picnics will happen on Saturday 17th of August, starting at 5pm. The picnics happen around Oulu in a following groups:

  • Social and Health Care students: Hollihaka Park
  • Business students: Kiikeli
  • Renewable natural resources & Culture students: Linnansaari
  • Technology students: Tuira beach

For more information on OSAKO, please visit To stay posted, follow OSAKO also in Instagram! 

Selected students must bring their original school documents to be verified by the Academic Affairs at the beginning of their studies. These are the original paper versions of the school documents you have delivered/uploaded as copies during the application period. Official translation is also needed if the original documents are not in English, Finnish or Swedish.

Please notice that the student selection is not final until the original diplomas have been verified.

Other Useful Information

Please familiarize yourself with the vast information found in the Study Guide for example the curricula, study right, welfare and student activity services and course enrolments.

Study Guide

The curriculum is a description of the degree programme, learning objectives and programme requirements. You can get familiar with the curriculum of your degree programme from the study guide.

Living in Oulu

International House (IH) Oulu offers free online guidance for future residents of Oulu, which will help you get ready for the moving to Finland. Book an online appointment here.  

IH is well known for gathering a range of guidance and advisory services for international customers under one roof. At IH you can get help with questions concerning work, entrepreneurship or studying. You can also get advice and guidance about everyday life matters.

In addition to in-house services, Migri, Pohde (Health and Social Services for North Ostrobothnia), Villa Victor (Multicultural Center) all hold regular pop-ups at International House. All services are free of charge and there is no need to book.

You can also find valuable information about living in Oulu from the following links.
Tips for relocating to Oulu

Guidance for future Oulu residents

Everyday life in Finland

Housing and Accommodation

Student housing for all degree students is mainly provided by the local student housing organisation PSOAS, the Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland. Admitted students should contact PSOAS directly once they receive their acceptance letter.

Please notice that the applications for housing must be sent directly to PSOAS as early as possible, preferably at least 2 to 3 months before the date of the student’s arrival.

PSOAS contact information:Mannenkatu 6 A90130 Oulu 

Students can also find more housing options from Study Guide.

Travelling to Oulu, Finland

Arrival by Air
Finland and Oulu are easily reached by air as several airlines fly regularly to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the main airport of Finland. Information about the Oulu Airport and other airports in Finland and their travel connections is available on the website of the Finnish airport operator Finavia. The current operators in Oulu Airport are Finnair and Lufthansa.

Oulu Airport is located in Oulunsalo approximately 14 km southwest from the city center of Oulu. There are regular local bus connections on the bus lines 8 (Airport-Linnanmaa) and 9 (Airport- City centre of Oulu). You can check the current timetables from the electronic displays at bus stops or from the website of Public Transport in Oulu and from OSL application.

Taxis are also usually available in front of the Airport.

Arrival by Train
There are several daily trains from Helsinki to Oulu. The journey time is usually 6-8 hours (9-10 hours on the overnight trains). In order to take a train to Oulu you first need to go from Helsinki Airport to Tikkurila Station in Vantaa or to Helsinki Central Railway Station. All long-haul trains from Helsinki to Oulu stop also at Tikkurila.

The Oulu Railway Station is in the center of the city. For train timetables and ticket prices please see the VR’s website (the Finnish railway company).

Arrival by Bus
There are several daily bus connections from Helsinki to Oulu. For more information on long-haul bus connections in Finland, please see websites for Matkahuolto and Onnibus.

In Finland, a personal identity code is used to identify persons. The code consists of your birth date and four unique characters. When you are granted a residence permit, your personal information will in most cases automatically be registered in the Finnish Population Information System and you will also be issued a personal identity code. Otherwise, you need to register with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency DVV in the local registry office in Oulu within two weeks of your arrival.

The personal identity code is needed for accessing important services, such as the FSHS (healthcare services for students), to open a bank account or a mobile phone plan.

As soon as you get your personal identity code, please send a copy of your residence permit card or the document you received from DVV to . Otherwise, your Identity Number won’t be in the university database, and you will have problems accessing the health care services. To protect your personal data, we recommend you to send the file from your student email address or via encrypted email.

For more information on the DVV registration of foreign citizens, please see

How to register with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV)?

All students who study for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s level degree at a university of applied sciences and enroll as attending must pay the healthcare fee to the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

The healthcare fee entitles you to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). No bill will be sent on the healthcare fee, and thus you have to pay the fee on your own initiative. Please check the due date for payment here.

If you live outside Finland, you still have to pay the healthcare fee. FSHS offers also services online. If you have social security coverage in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland or the United Kingdom, you do not have to pay the healthcare fee. You can find the instructions and account number for payment in Kela’s web site: How to pay the healthcare fee in higher education.

More information: What is the healthcare fee in higher education?

Read more about FSHS services for new students

Meal discount 

As a degree student, you are eligible for discounted meals at student restaurantsif you present a valid student card or Tuudo’s Student ID. 

More information about the meal discount and student restaurants

More information about the Tuudo’s Student ID 

Other Kela benefits for students

Kela grants student financial aid (opintotuki) and housing allowance (asumistuki) for Finnish students. These benefits are available to non-citizens of Finland only in some cases. 

Please see more information about Kela benefits to non-citizens of Finland. 

Apply for student financial aid after you have accepted the place of study and the information about your new place of study will appear in Kela’s online application as basic information. Financial aid is granted upon application at the beginning of studies, usually for the entire target completion period. The annual support period is from September to May. Note! Student financial aid is granted at the earliest from the beginning of the application month and cannot be applied for retrospectively.

More information about Kela’s financial aid for students

General housing allowance is available throughout the year depending on the income of the household. You can apply for general housing allowance when you know your housing costs and living conditions. You can receive housing allowance retrospectively for the month preceding the month of application. More information about Kela’s housing benefits

Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences – OSAKO is a politically independent service and support organization for all students of Oamk.  

OSAKO’s most important task is to represent the students of Oamk. OSAKO appoints student representatives to the administration of Oamk, strives to develop the education and enhance students’ well-being. In addition, OSAKO fosters active and vibrant student life by arranging tutoring and organizing parties, trips, and other events. There are activities for international students also: monthly events, trips and friend family -program. 

Every year OSAKO members elect 20 student representatives. The highest decision-making power in OSAKO lies in the hands of these representatives. The everyday work of OSAKO is carried out by the Executive Board and three employees, working at OSAKO’s office in Linnanmaa campus. OSAKO also owns Campus Café Messi, where works two more employees. OSAKO is a member of University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK which promotes students’ interests on a national level. 

As a member of OSAKO, you can also get the official, national student card. By paying the annual membership fee you are entitled to a sticker which indicates that the card is valid. With valid student card, you can get all the national student card benefits and hundreds of benefits locally.  

OSAKO also organizes annual pre-picnics, where new students get to know each other in a relaxed, alcohol-free way. This year the picnics will happen on Saturday 17th of August, starting at 5pm. The picnics happen around Oulu in a following groups:

  • Social and Health Care students: Hollihaka Park
  • Business students: Kiikeli
  • Renewable natural resources & Culture students: Linnansaari
  • Technology students: Tuira beach

For more information on OSAKO and student card, please visit To stay posted, follow OSAKO also in Instagram! 


In Oulu UAS, there are several student associations which represent the students of a specific field of study. Find your own student association from the list down below and follow them on Instagram! 

Arkko ry – Construction architects 

Kultti ry – Culture students  

TOO ry – Dance teacher students 

Molli ry – Music pedagogy students 

Luva ry – Renewable natural resources students 

OSASTO ry – Social and health care students 

SOTU ry – Social service students 

OTE ry – Engineering students 

OUTO ry – Business students 

OIO ry – Engineering students (local association in Oulu) 

Linnanmaa campus is home to the schools of information technology, engineering, business, culture and natural resources as well as vocational teacher training. This campus is located approximately five kilometers north of central Oulu. It is shared by Oamk and the University of Oulu.

Address: Yliopistokatu 9, 90570 OULU
Janitor: (+358) 050 472 8285
Linnanmaa campus map and working hours

Kontinkangas campus is home to the school of health and social care.

Address: Kiviharjuntie 4, 90220, Oulu
Janitor: (+358) 040 141 5515
Kontinkangas campus map and working hours

Oulu Campus Navigator

Oulu Campus Navigator is a mobile application which provides indoor navigation on the Linnanmaa campus. It can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. You do not need to sign in to application, and it does not track the location of individual users. Its operations are based on Bluetooth transmitters on the campus.

More about Oamk premises (campuses, libraries, parking)

Academic Affairs support you on and off campus throughout your study time. You can reach Academic Affairs team at Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas service points or you can contact us by email or phone. You are offered support and guidance in matters concerning study right, academic year enrollment, study documents, outgoing student exchange/ingoing student exchange, insurances and graduation.

Linnanmaa campus service point Luotsi

Yliopistonkatu 9, 7C, 1st floor


Tel: (+358) 029 448 9210

Kontinkangas service point

Kiviharjuntie 4, Louhi building, 1st floor, Louhi 1194


Tel: (+358) 029 448 9210

Find more about Academic Affairs, service hours and team staff