Building Virtual Utility Vehicle Testing Platform


The project includes eight work packages.

  • The first work package (WP) includes the dissemination of the results such as webpages, research publications, public communications and visualizing the pilot case results. At this point the leading partner is Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS).

  • The second WP involves the project management coordinated by OUAS and includes local and international project meetings and reporting actions.

  • The third WP includes creating VR environment using data from actual environment. The aim of this WP is to develop the methodology of how to collect, process and represent environmental data in the VR system for the utility vehicle platform. This work package is operated by University of Oulu.

  • The fourth WP aims at creating a digital twin for utility vehicle movement in co-operation with Luleå University of Technology (LUT), OUAS and the University of Oulu (UOulu).

  • For the fifth WP the OUAS and the UOulu will build connections and interface between the VR system and Mobilab. Research and development of the interface and autonomous vehicle testing continues. This WP also contains actions for creating the interactions between the dynamometer and sensors.

  • In the WP six the interface between the utility vehicle control system and the VR system will be built in co-operation with all the partners. The aim is to develop and test the interface between the vehicle control system and the VR system. Leading partner in this package is LUT.

  • The seventh WP includes setting up and validating the platform with all the partners. Leading partner in this package is Norut from Norway.

  • The eighth WP will enable bringing the northern expertise to Europe and enhancing European cooperation. The aim is to create new strategic partnerships and cooperative networks by expanding the northern expertise to Europe for larger mutual research projects. Leading partner in this package is UOulu.