Do you have a problem to solve? 

Give a challenge from your company or organization to one of Oamk’s student teams to solve!

What is this about?

Our students solve challenges from companies, organizations and associations in interdisciplinary teams. The challenge and the developed solution is for free. Students from different disciplines work in teams and meet regularly with their clients to interview them. The duration of the course is 8 weeks, during which the students need a few hours of time from you.

What will happen?

  1. Student teams begin by researching and exploring the challenge, both the opportunities it offers and the underlying needs.
  2. Next, the teams design, model, and test a solution for the problem with potential users.
  3. In addition, the teams study, describe, and test the business aspects of the developed solution.
  4. Finally, the teams present the proposed solutions with their test results to their clients.

What does the company get?

The proposed solution based on the team’s work is, for example, an idea paper, a prototype of a service or product tested in the desired operating environment for users. The business review describes the functionality and usefulness of the proposed solution for the company or its customer. If desired, Oamk offers the teams and the client a further path as a study to take the solution into a finished product or service, for example.

The challenge of the company and its description

A company assignment can be a larger whole or a detailed problem. It is worth considering the problem or challenge carefully so that it becomes an interesting problem for a multidisciplinary team to solve. With a multidisciplinary student team, it is possible to develop something truly new.

In order to start cooperation, we need the following information:

  1. A problem or challenge as interestingly thought out and described as possible
  2. Contact person and contact information
  3. Ownership of the solution (IPR)
  4. The commitment for a maximum of 6 hours from a contact person during the 8 week course.

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