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Application practicalities for Master's degrees

You can apply for our Master's degree programmes by filling in the online application at portal during the application period. Next application period is January 3-17 2024.

Once filling in the personal and educational information, you should upload your higher education diploma, academic transcript and official English translation of them in pdf format into your online application. Also language certificate is required at this point. You can find the list of approved language tests at the website language requirements.

If you are exempted from the tuition fee upload the document proving the reason of the exemption into the online application e.g. residence permit A (residence permit A awarded for studies does not give exemption from the tuition fees) or P, Brexit permit or citizenship of European Union. Finnish citizens don’t have to proof their citizenship.

There is also a place in the application to upload your advance assignment.

The online application closes on the last day of the application at 3 pm Finnish time. You can however, upload the documents into your online application by using the link received from the studyinfo database, until the deadline of documents.

The degree programmes that do not have advance assignment as a selection method, have entrance examination course with separate registration. You can find the information of the used selection method from the admission criteria website of the degree programme.

Use of Educational Agencies

The Finnish National Board of Education, the Finnish universities of applied sciences and the Finnish embassies are cooperating in informing foreign applicants whatever questions they might have regarding Finnish educational system.

If an applicant wants help e.g. in completing the application or something else relating to the application process, it is recommended that the applicant contacts the UAS in question, the Finnish National Board of Education and/or their local Finnish Embassy. These are the only reliable sources of information.

Furthermore, an applicant should always fill in the application him/herself and use his/her own contact details; this ensures that the applicant receives all important information directly from the UAS.

Filling in the online application is always free of charge. 

Oamk has official partnership with five private educational agencies:







The best way to get the reliable information is to contact directly to the Admission Services of Oamk


Applicants not satisfied with the results of the student selection process should in the first instance contact the Admissions Services at ortel. +358 29 448 9001.

If the matter is not resolved thus, the applicant may send a written appeal to the Admission Services within 14 days after the results of the student selection have been published. The appeal must be directed to the Rector of Oulu University of Applied Sciences and primarily sent by email to Alternatively the appeal may be sent by post to the following address:

Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Admissions Services
P.O. BOX 405

N.B. The appeal must be signed by the applicant. Oulu University of Applied Sciences takes no responsibility for delays caused by the postal delivery services.