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Alumni affairs

The purpose of Oamk’s alumni affairs is to help our 28 000 graduates to succeed in work life and to use their expertise and skills in education and research. We offer our graduates a chance to grow their network and stay in contact with their university, teachers and former classmates. As Oamk’s alumni you are able to maintain and develop your work life skills with the training we provide. You are also welcome to join us at our annual alumni events. 

Through our alumni activity you will get

  • Information about post-graduate studies and supplementary training possibilities
  • Invitations to alumni and networking events
  • The opportunity to tell about your work and studies as a visiting lecturer
  • Contact to our current students in matters regarding possible thesis topics, internships or projects
  • Contacts to a broad network with specialists from different fields of expertise
  • The chance to develop Oamk’s education and activities


Develop your professional skills

Are you interested in developing your professional skills further? Supplementary training is an excellent way of enforcing your expertise. We arrange several trainings per year together with work life. The School of Professional Teacher Education offers you opportunities to broaden your career towards teaching.

We are happy to hear what types of supplementary training requests you have in mind.


Alumni activities create an active cooperation network between alumni, students, the alumni association and developers of education. The cooperation creates an excellent channel where the needs of work life develop our education. Alumni activities also promote the recognition of Oamk’s education.

Speaker bank

Join our alumni speaker bank. Through the speaker bank our teachers are able to search for suitable speakers on courses, events, seminars, and trainings. Schedules and topics are agreed on a case–by–case basis.


Do you have deep knowledge and experience about your field of expertise? Do you want to help our students advance in their careers? Join Oamk’s alumni mentoring. An alumni mentor is either a supporter of a student group or an individual who helps to develop the student’s skills to the next level.


Alumni activities offer an excellent change to broaden your own networks and meet professionals from different fields of expertise. Join our alumni events and add your alumni information to your LinkedIn profile.

On our LinkedIn page we share articles, news and information about upcoming education and training.

Alumni of the School of Professional Teacher Education

The Alumni Network of Professional Teacher Education is intended for members of the school community and teacher alumni. By joining the alumni network you get to hear about Amok’s upcoming events, network with likeminded colleagues and receive good practises to develop your teacher skills.

Amok’s alumni stay in touch on Facebook. Join the group!

Alumni of the Year

Oamk selects Alumni of the Year together with the alumni association. The Alumni of the Year is someone who has created a positive image of the university of applied sciences with their activities. Alumni of the Year is a task of representing and the person is invited to Oamk’s events as guest of honor during the year of his selection. Alumni of the Year may appear in student and alumni recruitment material as well as newspaper articles. Alumni of the Year is a representative of Oamk and the alumni association.

Alumni of the Year 2021: Ari Ehrola

Ari Ehrola, who has made an effort into the nursing industry from Oamk, was selected as Oamk’s 2021 Alumnus of the Year. Ari has been working closely with Oamk for a long time and has been involved in designing Masters degree programme in acute and emergency care development and management. Ari graduated from Oamk as a paramedic in 2004. Since his graduation, he has established a career in various positions in the field of emergency care and he has cultivated his competencies by visiting Oamk for a simulation instructor training and a Master’s degree.

– The choice came as a complete surprise to me, but, of course, such a recognition will be received with humble and gratitude, says Ari Ehrola, alumnus of the year of Oamk.

– I have only fond memories of my studies at Oamk. In paramedic studies, I really liked the sense of community and the pragmatism of my studies. In the Master’s studies, it was great that I was able to apply the tasks of almost all courses to the benefit of my work and work.


Vuoden 2021 alumni: Ari Ehrola

Alumni of the Year 2020: Founders of design store Kure: Hannu Laukkanen, Emma Pakanen and Jenni Santaniemi / Alumni of the Year 2019: Karoliina Korhonen / Alumni of the Year 2018: Kari Kokko / Alumni of the Year 2017: Ville Mankinen / Alumni of the Year 2016: Liisa Konttuuri-Paasikko / Alumni of the Year 2015: Asmo Saloranta / Alumni of the Year 2014: Mikko Sortti / Alumni of the Year 2013: Rita Porkka / Alumni of the Year 2012: Joni Pakanen / Alumni of the Year 2011: Teemu Vähä / Alumni of the Year 2010: Tony Manninen / Alumni of the Year 2009: Sanna Hirvaskari