José Saramago's centenary exhibition in Pegasus Library 27.9.–15.10.2022

Published: 28 September 2022 at 08:35 :: Library Informs

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Portugal's most famous writer, José Saramago (1922-2010). In honor of the anniversary, the exhibition Retracing the steps that were taken: José Saramago 1922-2022 is on display at Pegasus Library.

The exhibition produced by the José Saramago Foundation consists of panels based on the life and literary career of the Nobel Prize-winning author. The exhibition represents a "journey" oriented towards reading and re-reading Saramago's works and cultural legacy, as suggested by a passage in Saramago's book Journey to Portugal:

"It is necessary to retrace the steps that were taken, to repeat them and to plot new paths alongside them."

You can visit the exhibition on the 3rd floor of the library from September 27 to October 15, 2022 during the library's opening hours. Welcome!