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Information Technology

Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology

Oulu is highly known for its ICT – technology and innovations. This can also be seen in the field of technology at the school of Engineering. Software development skills and business knowledge are developed in real-world projects. All real-world projects and practical training enable you to network with work life already during your studies. 

Next application is on January 8-22 2020 and the admission criteria will be updated before application period begins.


What is the degree all about?

The need for ICT professionals is growing continuously. As an ICT engineer you are able to design and realize various software solutions and applications. You are also capable of working as an active member of your working society and developing your own profession. The degree programme in Information Technology emphasises web development. The studies consist of software development, web and mobile application technologies and IoT technologies.

Studies are organized mainly as daytime teaching at our campus. The studies are meant for both Finnish and international students who are interested in pursuiting
a career in an international work environment in Finland or abroad. Studies are conducted entirely in English and 
include lectures, workshops, project and group assignments as well as individual presentations. Studies have a close connections to work life and local companies. This ensures that students can put the theory they have learned at lectures into practise.

Software development skills and business knowledge are developed in real-world projects. All real-world projects and practical training enable you to network with work life already during your studies. With us you really learn by doing. 

Priyan juttu.jpg

In my degree programme in IT there is a wide variety of courses available. The subjects are incredibly useful and the classes are enjoyable. The teachers are phenomenal and are some of the friendliest people you'll meet. Furthermore, with my class been so international, it's easy to make friends from all over the world. It's a truly unique school. Oulu is a relatively cheap in Finland's scale, safe, and small city full of quiet, yet kind people. Despite the cold weather, the people here are warm-hearted and always willing to help. Oamk is a great option as the teachers are flexible, work-study projects are plentiful, and there is lots of work options following and even during the process of your degree. 

Priya Shrestha, IT student  

Erika lähikuva.jpg

Erika Loman thought first that she would be a translator. She moved from Russia to Japan where she spent around three years studying Japanese. However, her passion for technology won and she decided to change her career path. Now she is studying IT at Oamk. Read more.

Content of the progamme – The toolkit for your future career

Students study mathematics and physics to build a good basis for engineering studies. Students also learn to document their work and to manage different communicative and interactive situations. In addition, students learn to apply international knowledge and competences in their own eld. Foreign students learn the basics of Finnish language. All students are provided with good skills in web programming, mobile applications and databases. After graduation students are able to design and programme internet services and applications for mobile environments.

The graduates will also have essential web development skills related to current Internet technologies and protocols, web graphics and multimedia, web authoring and design and web programming. It is possible to study advanced programming and deepen one’s knowledge of server programming, mobile application features, development,environments and mobile technologies as well as game development, design and tools. Studies also include user experience and business studies. 

Making studies count

Real-life projects are part of Information Technology studies. There are several annual assignments for our students set by local companies. For example, our students have conducted product development projects to local companies. The projects might be related to user interface design, mobile applications, software development, or something entirely different. Sky is the limit! 


Students are encouraged to participate in a student exchange period in one of the partner institutions and also to carry out a practical training period abroad.
Students will also have an opportunity to apply to a Double Degree programme at partner university.

In Double Degree programme students spend part of their studies in partner institution and will receive a degree diploma from both higher education institutions once they graduate from Oamk.

Versatile study possibilities to make your degree one of a kind

Once accepted as a degree student, it is pretty much up to you what your BEng diploma will look like. Of course there are compulsory courses you must take, but there are also many possibilities for you to choose something extra into your degree that will make you and your expertise stand out from other job seekers once you graduate.

One of these great opportunities is Oamk LABs.

LABs are unique training and development programmes available for students. The learning is based on studying and working in interdisciplinary projects, targeting the development of products, services and start-ups. Studies are meant for third or fourth year students and have a separate application period.  

There are three LAB options available:

Oulu Game LAB – Entrepreneurship-focused game development education.

DevLAB – Projects develop concepts and products connecting health and well-being with technology.

EduLAB -  Development of prototypes, products and start-ups targeting the global technology industry.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of what we at Oamk have to offer to for our students.

Please note that though these study modules are available for our students some of them might have separate admission period.

The life after graduation

The degree programme gives you versatile career possibilities. After graduation students have diverse knowledge and skills to work in the eld of software design, product development and as an expert in the eld of information industry. The job title could be one of the following: 

• Web developer or programmer
• Web designer
• Web application developer
• User interface designer 
• Project manager
• Senior software engineer 
• Entrepreneur 

Want to learn more about the curriculum?

Have a look at our Study Guide.

Scope of qualification and duration

240 ECTS

4 years

Tuition fee

8 000€ for non-EU/EEA students

Scholarship AVAILABLE

Application period

9.–23.1.2019, 40 study places

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Application period

20.3.-3.4.2019, 10 study places

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Application period

Additional application 6.-9.8.2019

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