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NRC is a development project, the objective of which is to create a new type of racing car for the Finnish national rallying series. The development work is based on strong co-operation between educational establishments, companies and organisations.

For students, this project provides a motivating and challenging environment to develop both their own expertise and new techologies. The project also fuctions as a testing environment, thus offering companies a possibility to find new application areas and ways of their own products and materials.


Due to the financial situation of the last few years, motor sports have gone downhill. Car manufacturers have stopped the production of Group N racing cars, which are based on standard production vehicles. 

Technically good, safe, cost-effective and energy-efficient vehicles are needed for the national and international motor sports.

Our aim is to create a situation, where the supporters of different makes of cars have something interesting to watch and cheer at races. The ultimate goal is an even race, where winning is based not only on technology. All makes of cars should have an opportunity to participate in the races with their own brands.


NRC is a teaching project for students, in which we



NRC’s objectives

Our objective is to create a WRC-level (World Rally Championship) racing car for rallying and the tracks for the Finnish national series. It will be a so-called ’one type’ car: all the cars have the same technolgy that cannot be modified. The running costs of an NRC car are inexpensive. The car is also safe and reliable. The body of the car can be altered, and this way, we will get new cars of different makes to participate in the races. 

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The focus of the car development is in

Sections of the NRC project

Sections of the NRC project

Benefits of the NRC project

Benefits of the NRC project

Co-operation partners

We looking for new co-operation partners. Good partners are essential for our project. If you are interested, please contact us and let’s discuss more about your possibilities to participate.

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Contact information

Mr Arto Lehtonen
Special expert
+358 50 430 9240

Mr Janne Ilomäki
Laboratory Engineer
+358 50 430 1344