Digitalization is challenging student counselling – online counselling is the future

Blended learning and web-based learning are increasing in higher education institutions. New flexible studying and teaching methods are challenging student counselling that has in general been taken care of traditionally – face-to-face. Therefore, digitalization has an effect also on counselling methods and tools that need to be developed to support the modern teaching and studying methods.

Digitalization is one of the strategic development areas in the Oulu University of Applied Sciences and student counselling is a very important part of studying in the higher education institutions. Counselling supports study progress preventing students from dropping out or falling behind in their studies. Online counselling services ensure also the equality among students. Students studying in blended learning or web-based learning groups should receive the same counselling services as those who study in traditional classroom teaching groups.

Therefore, Oulu University of Applied Sciences has started an Online Student Counselling project that is partly funded by the EU – European Social Fund. We are developing a service model for online student counselling by testing and utilizing different kind of online communication tools and applications and training staff members, involved in student counselling, to use them in every day work. The focus target group of the training covers study counsellors, tutor teachers and staff members from student and admission services. The final goal of the project is to create a new blended student counselling model for Oulu University of Applied Sciences and to publish a blended student counselling, best practices guidebook that, at the end, will be at hand for everyone interested in online student counselling.

Throughout the whole project, we will pay special attention on the communication aspects in online conversations as well as the privacy and information security.

For further information please check out the presentation slides or contact

Hanna Ylönen, Head of Student Services, student counselling specialist,


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