Introduction to Screen Printing Technology for Electronic Manufacturing

6–7 November, 2017

Is your enterprise interested in the possibilities of printed electronics? Welcome to learn the basics of printed electronics and to gain practical skills in effective hands-on training to screen printing technology for electronic manufacturing! This intensive course will introduce you to the advances of using printed electronics techniques with screen printing to create your own simple electronic devices.

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The course covers the basics of printed electronics, screen printing as a technology, an overview on material techniques in screen printing, screen printing design rules, substrates, screen printing inks and an overview on the production process. You will learn to use a real screen printing device. The aim is to provide you with new effectively implementable ideas on how to develop and print your own products with screen printing.

The course is for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Oulu region. Members of research and education organizations, persons working with RDI in companies with printed electronics as well as RDI and teaching personnel in need of basic knowledge about printed electronics and screen printing technology are also welcome.

Registrations by Wednesday, 1 November, 2017


Course program

Monday 6 November 2017, Day 1



Registration and coffee


Principles of Screen Printing
Harri Määttä, Special researcher, Oulu University of Applied Sciences


Company expectations for screen printing quality
Janne Asikkala, Principal Research Chemist, Tactotek Oy


Lunch break (lunch is included in the price)


Screen Printing Machinery
Harri Määttä, Special researcher, Oulu University of Applied Sciences


Screen Printing Manufacturing
Mikko Paakkolanvaara, Senior Scientist, VTT


Coffee break


Basics of Material Techniques
Tapio Fabritius, Professor, University of Oulu


Inks & Screens
Tomi Tuomaala, Project engineer, Oulu University of Applied Sciences


Laboratory safety and introduction to day 2
Harri Määttä, Special researcher, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Discussion & Questions


End of Day 1


Tuesday 7 November 2017, Day 2

Hands-on with Screen Printing Technology

Laboratory work in PrinLab, Harri Määttä & Tomi Tuomaala, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

• Introduction to the Screen Printer Machine
• Materials (inks, substrates, etc.)
• Printing process
• Printing quality
• Sharing results and lessons learnt

Materials for laboratory safety (available also in Finnish) will be sent to the participants after registration. A participant assures that he/she has understood the safety regulations before participating to the laboratory work.

The course fee includes coffee and lunch on both days.


About the course

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS), PrinLab, Kotkantie 1, Oulu

Level: Basic

Language: English

Maximum amount of participants: 12

Price: 1,572 euro (0% VAT) per person. The course is under the de minimis rule of the European Union. Therefore, small and medium enterprises will gain de minimis support of 1,222 euro (0% VAT). The de minimis supported price per person is 350 euro (0% VAT).

Registrations by Wednesday, 1 November, 2017



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