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Global Road Trip 7.5.2019: Aligning Learning and Assessment - Transforming the Traditional University Exam

Julkaistu: 6.5.2019 klo 12:23 Ajankohtaista

Global Road Trip

Innovative pedagogical practices and inspiring examples from the world of teaching and learning in higher education. Online seminar series that take you to a journey around the world. 
Welcome aboard!

7.5. Norway
Aligning Learning and Assessment: Transforming the Traditional University Exam
At 10:00-11:00 am https://connect.funet.fi/roadtrip
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/354402155189898/

In May Global Road Trip takes us to Norway with Arild Raaheim PhD and Robert Gray PhD from the University of Bergen. Join us to learn different ways to plan and perform assessment in higher education. Find out about planning assessment in a way that it improves and supports learning and learn how to transform the traditional exams in university level. Welcome to join this webinar that will provide you with inspiring examples and great practices!

For more information,
contact Tiia-Mariia Tauriainen: tiia-mariia.tauriainen(at)oamk.fi

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