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Instructions regarding the coronavirus situation for exchange students currently at Oamk

Julkaistu: 16.3.2020 klo 11:09 Kansainväliset palvelut tiedottaa

In light of the recent developments with the coronavirus epidemic, the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) has updated the measures taken as the situation and regulations from authorities have changed. Oamk is monitoring the situation closely and holding meetings regularly to keep up with the situation. We are following the instructions from the Finnish government, both local and national authorities as well as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Our priority is always the health and safety of both our students and staff.

We urge you to stay informed on the situation and follow the guidelines provided. Please follow the updates on a regular basis on Oamk’s website.

Update in brief

In all university activities the physical distance between people is recommended. Online lectures and distance learning opportunities will be increased - information on this will be provided by the responsible teachers of respective courses. If you are experiencing flu symptoms, you must not come to campus or attend in-class lectures or exams. Oamk has suspended all big events and seminars until the end of May. For the time being, we are not receiving visitors from abroad. When returning from travels abroad, entering campus is not allowed for 14 days and studies should be carried out remotely. For the time being already agreed and started practical training periods that have not been cancelled by the traineeship provider can be carried out as planned, but things may change rapidly, so please follow the up-to-date communication. More detailed information on the updates is available in Oamk’s coronavirus information page.

What to do if you want to interrupt your exchange studies or if you are recalled home by your home university

  1. Make sure to consult your home university and host university before making the decision to leave. At Oamk, you should contact the incoming students service team at incoming.students#oamk.fi (korvaa # -> @). For details concerning your exchange grant and possible compensation for additional costs you should turn to your home university international office.
  2. For information on the possibilities for completing your course work remotely, please contact the person responsible for the course in question.
  3. If you decide to interrupt your exchange, remember to let us know the date of your departure by informing your incoming.students#oamk.fi (korvaa # -> @).
  4. Contact PSOAS Student Housing Foundation at asuntotoimisto#psoas.fi (korvaa # -> @) about terminating your tenancy agreement and make sure you do not have any outstanding rent payments. In this exceptional situation it is possible to terminate the rental agreement prematurely with one calendar month’s notice period. Please follow the normal moving out procedure of PSOAS.

We will be monitoring the situation and updates on the guidelines closely and will be informing you if new measures are adopted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at incoming.students#oamk.fi (korvaa # -> @).

With best regards,

International Mobility Services
Oulu University of Applied Sciences