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Accommodation :: Oulu UAS


Accommodation for the degree students cannot be arranged by Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Accommodation is available either on the private housing market or in the student halls of residence. Admitted students should directly contact the student accommodation organisations. Inexpensive self-catering student accommodation in single rooms is usually offered in the student halls of residence.


Most of the rooms have a communal kitchenette, a toilet and a shower. Flats and family housing are also available in some halls. The price of accommodation varies depending on the type of the accommodation. The monthly rent for a room in a student hostel or dormitory is around EUR 100 to 250, for a one-room flat EUR 240 to 420 and for a family flat EUR 305 to 575.

Please notice that the applications for accommodation must be sent to the student housing organisations as early as possible, preferably at least 2 to 3 months before the date of arrival of the student. Further information on the application process is available from the student housing organisations.


Students can inquire about accommodation from the Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland and Otokylä ry.

Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland
Mannenkatu 1 A
90100 Oulu.
phone icon+358 8 3173 110

Otokylä ry
Otokuja 2
90150 OULU
phone icon +358 8 332 672


Oulaisten Vuokratalot c/o Oulaisten Tilitoimisto Oy, provides rental flats for students who are studying a degree programme in Nursing and Health Care in Oulainen.

Oulaisten Tilitoimisto Oy
Kaarikatu 1 86300 Oulainen
phone icon+358 207 550 043


In Raahe, student accommodation is provided by Raahen Seudun Asuntosäätiö and Kiinteistö Oy Kummatti.

Raahen Seudun Asuntosäätiö
Ouluntie 8
92100 Raahe
phone icon+358 8 2117 252

Kiinteistö Oy Kummatti
Ratsukatu 7 B
92150 Raahe
phone icon+358 8 2118 501

Rental Accommodation in the Oulu Region