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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Co-operation and networks


The School of Professional Teacher Education is willing to engage in cooperation within its area of impact. We work together with educational institutes, educational organisers and the working life. Our focus area with educational institutes and organisers is the organisation and development of teacher training.

In order to build international and national networks, we are engaged in active networking cooperation with other schools of vocational teacher education and our international partners. We are developing vocational education through a number of projects. All projects always involve cooperation and are in compliance with the regulations of the Finnish National Board of Education and the Ministry of Education and Culture. Read more about our projects!

Research and development

Focus areas in R&D include competence-based vocational pedagogy, new learning environments for vocational growth, video pedagogy, educational technology, adventure pedagogy, entrepreneur education, competence-based qualifications, youth guarantee, vocational learning, competences and their evaluation, operating culture, counselling and working communities of vocational teachers and students, and study psychology.