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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Separate study rights

Separate study rights

If you have interrupted your studies at some point, you can apply for a separate study right in order to complete your studies. This requires that you do not have any valid study right to professional teacher education and that you will continue your education started earlier in Finland.

Selection criteria

  1. The applicant continues professional teacher education started earlier in Finland in order to complete the studies. The applicant does not have any valid study right for the programme.
  2. The applicant has lost his/her study right for any of the following reasons:
    • the student has terminated the degree programme, or
    • the student's study period has ended.
  3. Principally, the applicant must have completed professional pedagogical studies. The studies may have been completed at another school of professional teacher education. The applicant must have completed at least 25 ECTS credits.
  4. If needed, an interview or an entrance exam will take place to select the applicant. 

  5. The unit's resources allow the student to be accepted to the degree programme.

Professional teacher education involves health requirements. In the application form, applicants are asked to provide information about any health-related factors that may form obstacles for their studies. In addition, the selection of students may be affected by any previous decisions on the cancellation of study rights. In the application form, applicants are asked to provide information about any previous cancellation of study rights due to their health or any endangerment of other people's safety (Act 953/2011).

Application and processing fee

Applying for a separate study right is an ongoing process. Complete application form and send a transcript of records, a certificate of cancellation and a receipt of the application processing fee by post to the Student Services at Oulu UAS School of Professional Teacher Education, Uusikatu 2, FI-90100 Oulu or it can be scanned to Those who have previously studied at Oulu UAS School of Professional Teacher Education do not need to send their transcript of records or a certification of cancellation.

Processing applications for separate study rights is subject to a fee of EUR 50 (Decree 1440/2014).

Payment details

        Payment recipient: Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
        Bank: Osuuspankki
        Account number (IBAN): FI32 5741 4020 0600 54
        Enter the following in the message field: Amok/50105        

Selection as a separate student and the change application procedure

Applications are processed during the final week of each month. The School of Professional Teacher Education will notify each applicant of the result of the student selection process within two weeks after making the selection decision. The study right will commence from the beginning of the month following the issuance of the notification. If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision, he/she may appeal for a rectification in writing. The rectification request concerning the student selection process is to be submitted to student services of the School of Professional Teacher Education.

Study right period

The study right is granted for a maximum of one year.

Further information

Pia Oikarinen, Head of Student Services