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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Other services for students

Oulu UAS Open University Student’s Guide 2019–2020

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Other services for students

Student Services offices on campuses

Student Services on campuses give information on the operations and practices of the University of Applied Sciences, for example, on schedules, transcripts of records and exam practices.

Student union and student card

Only degree students are admitted as members of the student union and granted the national student card. However, you can contact Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OSAKO) in any matters regarding the supervision of students’ interest.

Student health care and Study Psychologist

Open UAS students are not entitled to student health care or study psychologist services.

Student restaurants & meal card

As a student of the Open UAS, you can eat at the student restaurants operated on the campuses. You will receive a meal card through your Open UAS contact person, entitling you to a more affordable price on the basic lunch menu choices (check the price from the restaurants).

Student restaurants on the campuses:

  • Alwari, Kontinkangas campus
  • Kotkanpoika & Kultturelli, Kotkantie campus
  • Wallu, Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus
  • Cardia, Oulainen campus

Student benefits

Open UAS students are not entitled to any student benefits, for example, student money or a student loan from Kela.

Library Services

The libraries of Oulu UAS are open for all. The libraries operate on for different locations. More information on the libraries is available on their web site. The library staff is also available to assist you in using the library services. It is best to get your library card already at the beginning of your studies. As a student of Open University of Applied Sciences, you can also get remote access to electronic material and databases located outside the campuses.

IT Services & computer labs on campus

IT Services has compiled broad information on different IT issues on their own pages.You can contact IT Services by e-mailing, by phone +358 20 611 0205 or by visiting the service desks on weekdays on the Kotkantie, Kontinkangas and Teuvo Pakkalan katu campuses.

Every campus has computer labs available for student use, some are available during evenings and weekends, as well. Please ask your campus caretaker for more information on what rooms are currently available. Should you require video cameras, voice recorders, etc. (relating to course assignments), you can ask to loan them from the IT Services.

Copying and printing lecture material on campuses

Secure printing and copying is available on all campuses. For further information, see IT-services’ info on SafeQ printing.

Tuudo mobile app for students

You can download the Tuudo app for your mobile device. From Tuudo you will find e.g. your schedule, the grades you have received, OUAS news etc..For more information, see IT-services' info on Tuudo.

Insurance coverage

The students of Open University of Applied Sciences are also covered by the insurance company. Remote studying and studies done at partner universities are not included in the insurance coverage of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. You can find more information on insurance matters at Oulu UAS’s web site.

University Sports of Oulu and Sports Pass

University Sports of Oulu offers academic sport services and other welfare services for students and staff of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. If you study at least 15 credits during one academic year, you are able to buy the Sports Pass. 

Safety on campus

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the safety instructions of your campus. Safety instructions can be found in Oiva.

Parking on campus

Kotkantie campus

There are parking spaces on either side of the building. The staff’s parking spaces have limited access. All other spaces are available for students.

Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus

The parking spaces for students are located on the Urheilukatu’s side, opposite to the artificial ice-rink. The parking spaces on the inner yard are reserved for staff only.

Kontinkangas campus and Oulainen

You will need a parking permit for the parking lot on the Kontinkangas campus.  You can buy the parking permit from Taskuparkki app. Some of the parking spaces have been reserved for the staff. The adjacent parking lot of Rauhanyhdistys is also available during the day. There you do not need a parking permit. Additional space is available also on the Ouluhalli’s parking lot.

In Oulainen, the spaces with heating posts for cars are reserved for staff, other parking spaces are available for unlimited parking.