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We are working on eCampus portal that will support both staff members and students in digitalization. This portal together with eCampus will help you to improve your digital skills. Good digital skills make studying, teaching and guidance possible in any place at any time. 

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Contact info

eCampus, room: 1378, 1 st floor, Kotkantie 1

Leena Paaso, Head of the eCampus team, Senior Lecturer, 050 5686892

Timo Hakkarainen, Application Designer,, 050 4624736

Hanna Ylönen, Head of Development, student counselling specialist,, 050 4309238

Anna Kolehmainen, Planning Officer,, 040 7084088

Markus Aalto, Lecturer, Information Technology,, 050 3532738

Kurttila Jukka, Lecturer, Information Technology,, 050 5909674