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Opiskelijaelämää Oulun ammattikorkeakoulussa

Student life at Oulu UAS

Have a look at what our students tell about studying and life at Oulu UAS.


Solar power applications taught at Oamk this week

21.2.2018 :: Laura Lääveri

Tuuni job fair – your dream job can be nearer than you think!

Tuuni job fair is an annual event focused on helping students find job opportunities in Oulu. This year, sixty-six (66)…
2.2.2018 :: I. Norrgård

In love with Finnish culture and nature

Russian Liubov Dosovitckaia, 18, has fallen in love with Finnish culture and nature. She has travelled a lot in Finland during…
8.10.2017 :: Marjo Sormunen

Passion for technology changed the career path

Erika Loman, 25, thought first that she would be a translator. She moved from Russia to Japan where she spent around three years…
26.6.2017 :: Marjo Sormunen

A complete change of life

Robert Barker, a 24 year old from America did something wild. He moved to Finland with his family because he wanted to change…
19.1.2017 :: Marjo Sormunen

Being a foreigner in Oulu

The Hungarian Tamás Zsákovics, 24, studies International Business at Oulu UAS. You can follow Tamás’s adventures in Oulu on…
3.1.2017 :: Tamás Zsákovics

Survival Guide from a Spanish in Oulu

The Spanish Maite Alaez Guergue, 18, publishes her Survival Guide to Oulu on our Facebook page. She is a first-year student…
3.1.2017 :: Maite Alaez Guergue

Information Technology tempted to come from Vietnam to Finland

There are a lot of Vietnamese students at Oulu UAS. Tram Le and Quynh Dao tell why they wanted to study in Oulu, Finland.
21.12.2016 :: Anne Aho, Marjo Sormunen

Why to study abroad?

Alumni of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences tell what benefits you get from studying abroad. South African Erasmus van…
16.12.2016 :: Anne Aho, Marjo Sormunen

Oulu UAS offers good opportunities for business life

Hungarian Tamas Zsakovics, 24, studies International Business at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. He thinks that Oulu…
7.12.2016 :: Marjo Sormunen