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There are plenty of versatile and affordable housing options available for students in the city of Oulu. Oulu University of Applied Sciences does not have student halls of residence but student housing for all degree students, both Finnish and international, is mainly provided by the local student housing organisation PSOAS, the Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland. Students can also find housing from the private markets.

PSOAS offers over 5000 flats around Oulu for students, including shared, family and studio apartments. Most of the apartments are unfurnished. Inexpensive self-catering student housing in single rooms is usually offered by the student halls of residence. Most rooms have a communal kitchenette, a toilet and a shower. In Finland tap water is safe to drink. Admitted students should contact PSOAS directly once they receive their acceptance letter. Since Oulu is one of the busiest student cities in Finland student flats are quickly reserved by new students in early August.

The price of the housing varies depending on the type, size and location of the apartment. The monthly rent is approximately 130 to 550 euros.

Please notice that the applications for housing must be sent directly to PSOAS as early as possible, preferably at least 2 to 3 months before the date of arrival of the student. Housing application is available on the web page. The application is valid for 90 days after which it must be renewed if no housing has been offered.

For more information:

Studen Housing Foundation of Northern Finland

Mannenkatu 1 A
90100 Oulu

+358 8 3173 110

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