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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Free time activities

Free time activities

The City of Oulu offers plenty of opportunities for different kind of activities from sports to nature activities and culture.

University Sports of Oulu offers versatile sports and wellness services to the students and staff of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. With one sports pass, 44€ for academic year, you can join or get the discount from various sports activities university Sports of Oulu or City of Oulu offers, from gym to group exercise lessons and sky diving. 

Riding a bike is a very common and popular way of transportation in Oulu. In fact, almost everyone in Oulu owns a bike and Oulu is one of Finland's best cities for cycling. Over 600 kilometres of cycle paths criss-cross the city – it is a fun way to get acquainted with the town. Locals and especially students tend to cycle all year round - even in winter when the snow and ice make it so much interesting. Remember safety: wear a helmet!


When coming to Oulu, you must try one of our national sports – cross-country skiing. There are several well maintained cross-country skiing trails near city and you can even do downhill skiing in Ruskotunturi which is a small ski resort close to city centre. Nature is wonderfully present in Oulu no matter where you go. You can spend the day on the beach, have a picnic or a stroll in one of the parks or even go fishing to Oulu river which crosses the city centre on numerous locations. Several nature trails and bird towers are right outside the city and available to all Oulu inhabitants.

Lapland with its wonderful arctic nature, ski resorts and Santa Clause are only three-hour drive away.

In addition to its wonderful outdoor activities, the cultural life in Oulu is versatile and vibrant. You can visit museums, theatres, concerts, movies, the science center Tietomaa and different musical events. Perhaps the best known festival in Oulu is the annually-held Air Guitar World Championships. The world´s best air guitarists have gathered to Oulu ever since 1996 to celebrate the message of the world peace.


Numerous cafes, restaurantas, pizzerias and fine dining make sure that you will not go sleep hungry. There is something for every taste and restaurant scene stands comparison to bigger cities. Night life is vivid and since Oulu is one of the biggest student cities in Finland, there are traditionally student parties taking place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Student Union of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OSAKO) coordinates tutoring, organizes free time activities, such as parties, trips and hobby clubs that are available to all students who have paid the student union fee (27€/academic year). You will have no problems finding things to do in your spare time. Student union card comes handy also outside the campus region. With the card, you can get student discounts from several shops, sports activities and transportation. One of the biggest advantages is to have a student priced lunch from any of the campus restaurants. The present price for student lunch is only 0,88€.

Make the choice of your life and join Oulu University of Applied Sciences!