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Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology – Oamk

Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology, full-time studies

Name of the Qualification Bachelor of Engineering
Degree Title Bachelor in Engineering
Scope of Degree 240 ECTS cr / 4 years
Name of the Degree Programme Degree Programme in Information Technology
Number of Starting Places 50
Implementation of Studies The education is arranged mainly on weekdays between 8 and 16 o'clock. Also evening lessons may be arranged. Part of the studies may be arranged as online courses.
Campus Kotkantien kampus
Kotkantie 1, FI-90250 OULU
Application Period 9.1.-23.1.2019, 40 study places
20.3.-3.4.2019, 10 study places
6.-9.8.2019, additional application
Entrance Examination April 2019
Other info

Curricula 2018-2019

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Application 9.1.-23.1.2019, selection method 1 (35 study places) and selection method 2 (5 study places)

  • Entrance exams organised outside Finland through Finnips network.

Application 20.3.-3.4.2019, selection method 1 (10 study places)

  • Entrance exams organised only in Oulu, Finland

Additional application 6.-9.8.2019, selection method 1

  • Entrance exams organised only in Oulu, Finland


(Entrance examination only, all applicants. Applicants must gain min 10 to pass the exam)

Selection criteriaSelection points
Entrance exam 40 points
Total 40 points

For further information, please check the general admission criteria.

SELECTION METHOD 2 (SAT test), used only in January application


1. Evidence-based reading and writing (required minimum score 400)

  • Reading test
  • Writing and language test

2. Math (required minimum score 400)

Only the new version of SAT test (completed after March 2016) is accepted. Official SAT score report must be ordered straight from the test organiser and to be delivered directly to universities of applied sciences. Reports printed and sent by applicants themselves are not taken into consideration.

Entrance Examination

Entrance Examination

Entrance examination in English

The entrance examination is a written test lasting for 3 hours. It measures study skills and aptitude for technological fields (logical reasoning skills and basic competence in mathematics and physics/chemistry), as well as English language proficiency. The language test is compulsory for all applicants and it will be assessed on a scale of pass/fail. Only applicants passing the language test will be considered for admission. The examination is common to everyone regardless of their educational background. Applicants must score at least 10 out of maximum of 40 points in the examination. The entrance examination result is valid for the duration of the application period in question.

National examination groups for the Technology programmes in spring 2019:

For the IT Oamk is part of the admission group 2. This means that the result of the national entrance examination will transfer to other co-operating UASs and the result of Finnips exam will transfer to other UASs in Finnips network. The list of co-operating UAS is available at the website of Metropolia UAS.

In additional application entrance examination is arranged on August 16 2019 in Oulu. All applicants are participating in the entrance examination without separate invitation. The result of exam is accepted only for Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Degree Programme in Information Technology.

Total points: 40 (maximum)

Please get acquainted with the General Admission Criteria

Applicants are not allowed to take calculator with them to the exam.

Contact Information

Further information About Application and Selection Criteria

Admission Services

(service available in English)

Visiting address: Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu
Post address: P.O.Box 405, FI-90101 OULU, FINLAND
Tel. +358 10 192 001

Further information About Studying

Degree Programme Coordinator

Ms Susanna Kujanpää
+358 50 3174652

Student Services

Kotkantie campus
Kotkantie 1
90250 Oulu
Tel. +358 20 611 0210